Tuesday, 17 January 2017

X-Com Corpses And Zombies

I found myself with a bit of an enforced gap with the Blood Bowl orc team. I needed to go on a brief hiatus whilst I wait for the light and the weather to be good enough to do the spray varnishing. This is never going to be my best work. The planned usage is pretty limited, a fraction of a game, not even regular usage within the game. I don't plan on putting a huge amount of effort on the corpses. The zombies, well there might be a bit more of a job on them.
So back to the background project, figures for an RPG of X-Com. I have plenty of work to do on this project but I am trying to box off some of the figures, if only to stop them gathering dust on the work bench. I have had this project on the cards for two decades but in a practical sense, I have been "actively" been working in it for two years. I am currently thinking that a game may actually happen at the start of 2018.

This was going to be my Zomtober project for last year and I have been working on it intermittently. Just enough figures for the month. Time was short then (it should be short now as I should be doing my tax return) so I didn't get round to it. Still there is always time to finish off the lead (or in this case) plastic mountain.

To recap, the plan is to run a game a bit like the reboot of X-Com (not X-Com 2). I seem to have spent a lot of time doing RPGs that are inspired by computers games. A deep and darkly twisted part of me wants to add in bits of the old Gerry Anderson show, UFO into the game. I run RPGs with about 4-6 players. This fits in nicely as the aircraft used for transporting troops has between 4-6 seats. This means the maximum number of casualties (and zombies) I need to put in the table is five.

Still a fair amount of work to do but they have moved on from this which is what they looked like earlier.

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