Thursday, 26 January 2017

Sitting At The Workbench

This was about as much as I have managed to do today. There may have been a little procrastination bit team. for the most part I have been busy. I spent most of my morning navigating the perils of the NHS. They are really not good when things go wrong. Which they have on the last two times I have taken my mum for treatment. It has meant that I have had to chase person after to person who is unable to help as a result of the system being in the way.

It might be fair to say that the rest was procrastination. A bit of tiredness also had a hand. Then there was all the usual day to day stuff. Followed up by working on my tax return. I was hoping to pay some tax which would help me get a mortgage but it looks like I have a much bigger tax bill than I was expecting.

I did get to sit at the bench for a bit. This was a bit like playing chess without any rules. Mainly moving figures around the work bench.

I have found some of my old blood bowl figures. This was the last project I worked on before starting the blog, all those years ago. It reminded me that I need some more lizardmen saurus for the team which has been my main playing team. I might look for a few on eBay but I am thinking that it might just be easier to make a couple out of plastic.

The dwarves were going to be my next big project, at one point at least. I was hoping to get some star players before starting the project so it got canned. I have a death roller somewhere which was going to be the center piece of the force.

So sitting was all I got to do today. Maybe I need to go and kill some zombies.

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  1. That sucks. Killing Zs has got to be better than sitting doing nothing.