Thursday, 19 January 2017

Just About Finished

Having thought I had done all the work I found a few more minor details to do as I was inspecting them. Nothing too major but a number of little niggles. Easy to put right, still a pain though. Mostly done with ink.
The decals are drying and the grass tufts are on, the base highlighting is done. I am beginning to think that this project is nearly over. Actually, wait on a minute, the figures are complete so they are actually done. This may be a record.
Then I guess I already have another six linemen to do. Then there will be four goblins (possibly?), a hero and a troll to do. Then there is a human team in the draw and I don't have a painted human team. Then I have some unpainted old style dwarves (with all the options, including the roller) and I think I may even have an old school dark elf team.

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