Monday, 30 January 2017

A Day In Gaming

Today has not been my most productive day but there are good reasons. I have managed a second blog though. I had a terrible nights sleep due to the dog, this following on from a particularly bad night the night before. I did manage to pick up a brush and play about with it for about five minutes. I have basically inked in the lettering of a ritual table. I need a bit of focus.

The second reason is that I did get out for another game tonight. This follows on from a zombie game I played in a few years ago. After eight sessions I finally got my crossbow. The ref likes to keep us under control and there are many things that make like harder for us. Some might see this as a negative but it makes the game a challenge. Restricted ammo is a central part of post-apocalypse games. You can't rely on rock and rolling your way through a fire fight. You will run out of ammo all too soon.
Cognitive Dissonance
Whilst I was out at Tesco, I did see this. It sums up what life is like at the moment.

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  1. Reality is that people are more foolish than you think.