Thursday, 5 January 2017

Blood Bowl Orcs

The pre-painting process for the orc team has commenced. I did get to spend some money today mainly on another full set of Blood Bowl. I worked out that I wanted effectively two boxes worth of figures for both the human and orc teams. That would mean spending £40 for both teams. As the full game costs about £55 I figured I could sell the bits that I don't want (at a reasonable price) and make some of my money back.
I glued together the new players and based them. With the PVA on the sand now drying it was time to stop. This process seemed to take forever. There are a few gaps, nothing major, but they will need to be filled in and when that is done I will hopefully be able to prime them tomorrow. I will probably paint them up as Gouged Eye. Might as well go with the classic colour scheme.

What I have now should be enough to cover most of the options. The team consists of two throwers, four black orc blockers, four blitzers and ten linemen. I could use some of the linemen I have left over but I think I will end up selling them. I might keep the thrower, there may be a new golden orc award next year if I can get people to bite. I need a goblin but I guess that I will need to wait a while. The goblin team isn't in the first book so I guess it won't be out for a few months. I will probably get the team when it comes out and paint it up in the gouged eye colour scheme. Then there is Varag Ghoul Chopper, not out yet but not far off. He'll probably be in the same basic colour scheme but with some brighter bits. There is also a troll and morg and thorg to come. I might paint the troll in the same colour scheme as it will with nicely with the goblins and orcs.


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    1. I suspect I am going to put a bit of effort into these so it sounds like a long hard brutal plan to me :)