Sunday, 29 January 2017

Finished Painting The First Batch of X-Com Forces

I am not sure that every single detail is done (there is certainly one flag that needs doing) but they are close enough that I can spray varnish them. I will add some decals. After that I will add a few final details before giving them more varnish.
There seems to be no end of riflemen.
Then there were zombies. Normally I like lots of zombies. At this point in time I only need five. I would like some zombies that are stylistically in keeping with the game. I might just settle for what I have.
This me moving at my maximum pace. I looked up when I started and it was the end of March last year. In fairness, last year was not my best year. I have kind of wander off from the project because I couldn't work out how to do some of the figures. Now I kind of need a game to run this year and this is looking like the one. Although I would like to run  Titansgrave as it strikes me as more fun, I really haven't got the figures for that yet.
Did I mention that this was the first batch? In the game I expect that the technology will develop and I was hoping to do some figures with the improved tech. Rifles become laser rifles which become plasma rifles. The armour will also gradually improve (and no it won't end up as space marines although now I come to think about it with a few mods and no jet pack they wouldn't be that far from the ones in the old game).
Now I am thinking about what to do next. Possibly something X-Com related. I have no figures in the queue so maybe it's time to do some terrain.

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