Thursday, 2 August 2012

An Actual Hobby Post - New Workbench

I keep tinkering with the workbench. It's important to me which is probably why it has ended up as the background on my blog page. Since changing rooms I have had an opportunity to play about with the workbench. I keep running out of space so I thought I would try and get a step ahead.

Work bench that was
With the move down stairs, everything basically got dumped on the table and I did the best with what was there. It got very frustrating very quickly. I had also set the table too high so it was awkward to work at.
Work bench that will be
So like all good DIY project it starts with a quick trip to buy some wood. A few more pieces just like the others. I also put an additional wooden panel under the table. I had the bit and piece there and I thought It would give me a little bit more storage space.
The new work bench reloaded
This is it. For now at least. I can see a few more bits and pieces being purchased just to round things off.


  1. That looks like a comfy place to work!

    1. After the best part of thirty years of gaming, I decided that spending £50 on some bits of wood to make the space an easier place to work sounded like a good idea. Who knows, I may actually be able to fit the new GW paint range in there somewhere lol.

    2. Good luck then, Fred. Are the new paints any good? I've seen mixed reviews, and I'm thinking of going to Vallejo exclusively.

    3. Vallejo are nice but the new GW stuff is pretty good too. Most of the paints are just like Vellejo but they have some nice stuff like glazes and layers.

    4. I like GW paints but I like a wide variety of colours even more. If you look ate the pictures of the workbench you will see that there are a lot of different brands.

      GW are now no good for WW2 (although a few of their older colours we perfect)so I use several manufacturers including Vallejo. Humberol acrylics used to be good for WW2 but I have difficulty getting hold of them these days. Howard Hues are great for horse colours and they do a nice organge and an okay yellow. Revell do so okay paints and have a good range of greys and some blues from them. They also do modern metllaics that would seem out of place in fantasy amd medieval periods.

      I like the suited ideas of reaper paints. I have been told that a lot of paints are all from the same set of (I think it was 3) manufacturers. GW's new paints are aimed to be copyrightable (if that is actually a word) so are not available in other ranges.


      My advice is get the colours you want and don't be too slavish to one range. I use a wet pallette which makes the paint last longer and mix better which is one of the gripes often stated against GW.