Sunday, 18 February 2018

End Of The Week - Back On Track

For the first time this year I think I am on track with my goal of painting five figures per week. I think I am now actually three figures ahead of my overall weekly goal. Whilst I know five figures a week is not actually that big of a target, I know that on average I can actually meet that and on a good week maybe I can do a little better.

So this week I have added some finishing touches to the chaos cultists I started last week. Whilst they were quiet close to getting done, they do look better for the extra few bits of work I put in.

The Macrocosm Ticks are also finished. Although I have a dozen of them, I quite fancy some more. They make for a nice alien species if fairly deadly looking and I like the way I have done them with vaguely human skin tones and eye colours. These were easy to paint which is why I got a dozen of them done.

Next week's figure painting regimen is still up for debate. I have at the moment no firm ideas. I got these guys the other day. As mimics they generally don't fit in with what I do (I hate D&D) but I thought they would make a nice addition to the collection as the collection as I don't have anything quite like them. Maybe they would do as a construct.

If I don't do these I have half a dozen space dwarves to paint although they need a bit of prep before I can start. Also I have some old grenadier soldier types to paint. These are ready to go and I have already done some work on them so they probably a more realistic project for the week. Of course I might just do something else.

Thursday, 15 February 2018


I sat down to do some painting this afternoon with the intention and the time to finish off what I have been doing this week. Then the dog came in.

Whilst I love my dog, today I am ready to kill her. Every time I closed the door she opened it. Not too bad really part from the fact that with the door open it channels a bone chilling breeze into my work bench. She did this ten times in the course of fifteen minutes.

Then the dog wanted to play. This started with the dog knocking two figures on the floor with her tail. We call her tale "the whip" in my house. I picked them up just in time for her to knock another two on the floor. These two broke. In a way it's my own fault for not putting them at the back of the bench but then I can't easily reach them.

So I took it on the chin and glued them back together. Just as I put the second figure down the dog does it again knocking both arms of the figure. So I gave up. Something was telling me today is not the day to paint.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Time For A Quick One

A busy day that is now almost over. I could really do with some sleep round about now but I am determined to keep up with the blogging, at least for a bit.

There has been a little bit of time for painting today. There would have been more but I have almost beaten my personal best steps goal and got pretty close to my highest ever calorie burn. So along with the painting, I am pretty impressed with myself.
 I have two projects on the go that I expect to complete this week for a total of twenty figures. The cultists, that seem to be taking an inordinate amount of time to complete, are pretty close to being finished. The are a couple of colours of ink to go on before I can do the highlighting. Whilst I am feeling a little demotivated around them, they are going to get done this week.
The other twelve are the Macrocosm ticks I started here. I am perhaps a little happier with these although they are literally at the three colour minimum mark at the moment. Although these look pretty easy, there will be a fair amount of highlighting to do on them although they do look pretty good at tabletop distances.

Definitely ready for bed now.

Monday, 12 February 2018


Not the major kind. More the fortunate (ish) coincidence kind. I made a determined effort to get the cultists done today. They are still not quite done and there is a little bit of detailing to be done on them. They would have been finished but I got a little sidetracked. This happened when the spot of paint I was trying to squirt out to touch up spots on a couple of arms became a rather large blob.

I hate waste. So I decided to use the blob for something else. There was probably enough paint to put a flesh base coat down on just about all the faces and hands of the figures I currently have primed. What I did see were a bunch of Macrocosm Immature Ticks. The way they are painted in the webshop gives them a distinctly alien vibe that is very reminiscent of old GW Genestealers. Whilst this is not a bad look I did want something different.

Having a big blob of skin tone paint gave me an idea. Genestealers were part of a life cycle so why not make these creatures part of the lifecycle of something else. So using regular caucasian skin tone was a good place to start with a couple of different colours for a bit of variety. My plan for a while has been to get some more of these. It would be an easy job  to give them some slight variations on the skin tone as well.

Whilst these were brought as an Opfor for the Titansgrave game, I can see a number of uses for them. Using them as a kind of genestealer esque creature has some and that this would probably work for X-Com and just about any post-apocalypse game. I don't really have a firm plan but I can see a number of ways of making this work.

On the plus side these should be a quick and easy paint job. There are a dozen of them so if I finished them by the end of the week I should be ahead of the curve for the first time this year.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Really The End Of The Week Post

Just a quick post as it is getting late and I am tired after a long and busy weekend. Since getting back I have had about an hour to devote to painting. Whilst this is not enough time to finish it was enough time to make some progress.
Kind of nearer to being finished than the last time I took a picture
I have added a few colours of paint to the figures and there is still a bit  more to do on this front. On top of that I have given the bases a bit of colour and even done the first coat of black trim to the bases. These should be finished easily this week and hopefully a bit of work should be done on the remaining space dwarves and these should hopefully be finished.

Over the weekend I have managed to have several games of Splendour. This is a game I love because it is simple yet it has a number of tactical options. My opponent has taken it upon themselves to download a digital version of the game in order that they may practice their skills in the hope that they can consistently beat me. This might be a bit too much hubris on their part. They may think they can win but I also have a digital copy of the game to practice on as well. Now I am left to wonder how this will play out.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

This Should probably Be The End Of The Week Post

I know it's only Thursday but as far as gaming goes this is the end of the week. From here on in it's all about drinking and thinking about the good old days. I am away for a long weekend. Fortunately I will be driving down south with an old friend so the journey should be as much fun as the destination.

A whole load of kack has managed to get in my way during the week. It is fair to say that I am far from a happy boy at the moment but there is plenty of light on the horizon so maybe things are not as bad as they might appear so of the time. Whatever happens it looks like there are changes afoot for me which whilst not great mean I might be back in the real world.

So I have managed to get back into an RPG game this week which looks good to me. Not my preferred game but enjoyable nonetheless. Maybe this means that I can get back into gaming a bit more.

The health thing is doing ok. I have done a little bit of running this week and kept up with the walking. Not sure how much of that I will manage over the next few days but I remain hopeful.

The only low point is the painting, With the cat being ill it has still proven the best option to let sleeping cats lie (on my chair) if only to keep the damn thing quiet. She did manage to get out tonight and brought us a mouse (a fairly large one) as a gift. Once we had rescued it and let in go again the cat was back to her usual narky self.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

The Grind

Not a lot of progress today
But I am getting there. One of the things that has become clear to me with painting is that things don't get finished if you don't put the work in. So even a little bit of work is progress. I have managed a couple of hours of work today. Even so, they don't feel like they have progressed much.

Monday, 5 February 2018

End Of The Week (That Was) - Good News/Bad News

This has not been a bad week all round on the painting front. Along the way I have managed to get  ten sci-fi dwarf figures painted to a reasonably good tabletop standard. To my amazement this only took about three days.

The plan after that had been to finish off the chaos cultists I have for Titansgrave and any number of post-apocalyptic projects which might become a Scrappers game. The figures had already been put together but the bases needed flocking and the figures themselves needed priming. So with this done they were ready to paint. Then the real world got in the way in the form of my other half developing a bad back and the cat being ill. This has delayed me for a bit. Although I have managed to get some painting done today the cat has again taken my seat.

So with the week that comes I have the chaos cultists to finish. I have made a good start on these already so I am confident that this will be done by mid week (assuming the cat does not get in the way). If things go my way there are another half dozen space dwarves to finish off. Next weekend I am away at funeral so I doubt much will get finished if I have to leave it until then so I won't aim to over achieve.

After that I have the miniatures for Star Saga to do. These arrived the other day and I guess I will get round to posting some pictures of them in due time. All the Star Saga stuff will form part of the X-Com and Titansgrave projects so are probably going to get pushed to the top of the list. There are also some old Grenadier (now Mirliton) troopers which I have been tinkering with, Basically another background project to be painted any time I have some paint I don't want to go to waste.

Next week I am going to start do some RPGing again on Monday night. It's Rogue Trader, not my prefered game (well I have never played it so I am open minded about it). At least it will get me back into the swing of things. I am hoping to get back to FabLab at least on Thursday.

So the New Cruelty is satisfied. I have hit my painting target. I have hit all my exercise goals every day and a bit more besides. I have even managed a game this week. Well done me.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Plan A, In Mean Plan B. I Think

So this is where I am at with the chaos cultists. Not very far along after all. They are now primed and ready to go. I have some more dwarves in the background as well. These need a bit of work doing on them but I can see them on the desk soon.
Although I have had some time, the cat has taken up residence on my work chair. The only other place the cat will sit is the arm of the sofa. Trouble is when she fits, which she is doing several time a day, she tends to fall off the sofa and land very awkwardly. Not to mention the fact that she meows very very loudly when she is anywhere but the chair. Loud enough that the whole house becomes annoyed. My easy chair has become the dogs new home so I have nowhere to sit with a good view of the TV. Not that I get to watch much anyway.

Anyway, I'm out for a game tonight. So not much chance of getting any more painting done but I have a day to myself tomorrow. Whilst I don't suspect I will get much finished off I will at least be able to be a few steps ahead for next week.

A Day To Remember - Not A Gaming Post

This was a day where I spent a lot of time remembering about my family. My dad in particular. Today would have been my dad, Harry's birthday. It would have been if cancer had killed him two years ago. I miss him everyday but today was possibly the worst since the funeral. It has been a day where I have thought about him and watched the England team kick the snot out of the Italians in the six nations. This would have pleased him greatly. When he was first given his diagnosis his question was about if he had enough time left to watch the six nations. Sadly he didn't bit we did get a chance to watch England kick the snot out of the Scots.
Me with my mum and dad who both died of cancer
So today has been about the dead but it has also been about the living. I have spent a lot of time thinking about myself and my health. Life is for the living. My chances of seeing the singularity and eternal life seem pretty remote by current estimates but hey I am willing to give it a shot. In order to give me a good shot at it (and maybe you to) this is some advice about avoiding cancer.

     1. Don't use tobacco
     2. Eat a healthy diet
     3. Maintain a healthy weight and be physically active
     4. Protect yourself from the sun
     5. Get immunized
     6. Avoid risky behaviours
     7. Get regular medical care

Friday, 2 February 2018

A Fairly Feeble Excuse For Not Painting Figures

This is my cat. She has been in the wars a bit lately and has developed epilepsy and is now on twice daily treatment for it. Whilst she is a little distressed at the best of times she is now not allowed out of the house just in case she has a fit. So she is now quite distressed most of the time and when distress the meows. Loudly and repeatedly. On and on, hour after hour. It's well after 1am and she is still going.
The only time she is quiet is when she is asleep. The only place she currently seems to find some peace is on my work chair. Whilst I have had a few hours today where I could have done something she has been sat on the chair most of the day.

So you see my dilema. Let sleeping cats lie or wake her up and suffer death my meow meow.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Dwarves Are Done

I have surprised myself and got all ten of the Macrocosm dwarves done. This is despite the week being a bit rubbish and my other half being in bed with a bad back. For some unknown reason I seem to have my mojo back. Maybe it's the weight loss, the death of my auntie or something else.

I think there are some more dwarves to do but none of them are primed or based so I might leave them for a bit. So I will stick with the old plan A which is to do the cultists.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Dwarves In Spaccccceeee

So it's the dwarves again. I keep wandering off. There are now about half a dozen background projects that are floating around the desk which are soaking up any paint that would otherwise get wasted. A bit or priming here and a bit of tidying up there and that has just about been my day. Not including the tax return and having to do just about everything other than cooking lunch as my other half has done her back in despite having done a deal about jobs today.

Even so I have managed to get some painting done. The first coat on the dwarves is almost done and even a little bit of inking and basing is complete. With a bit of luck I will be able to finish them off and ink them tomorrow and may get them close to being finished. This would leave me just behind the curve on what I wanted to do as part of The New Cruelty, 23 figures instead of 25. If I do get them finished then I'll move onto the remaining Cultists/Raiders which would leave me slightly ahead.
In terms of the background projects and what I have planned there are a few ways I can go. Overall I would like to get a couple of projects pretty close to finished this year. These dwarf figures are part of the Titansgrave: Ashes Of Valkana project and they is a way to goes with the project yet. There are still some gaps in terms of figures I just don't have (and may have a problem sourcing) and some stuff yet to be painted. This is probably going to take up a bit of time in the next few months. X-Com is another project I want to do this year. Although I have some stuff for the project already, most of what I want isn't going to be available until September. There is also a fair amount of sci-fi/post-apocalypse crossover with the figures for all of the stuff I have planned so I guess this is what will happen in the near future.

Monday, 29 January 2018

Change Of Plan

The plan yesterday was to finish off what was left of the chaos cultists, I finished prepping them for priming them today. It appears to be a day where the British weather is going to ruin any plans I have (no plan survives contact with the British weather). It just seems to want to rain today.

So I have moved on to plan B. I have plenty of figures that are prepped and primed and ready to go. I made a conscious decision to work with one of the project I want to work on this year. There is a mass of lizardmen to do but they don't really fit in with the plan. So I guess the first but of the year I am going to try and concentrate on either fairly generic figures that can be used in a number of backgrounds. I have had some Macrocosm Dwarves that are ready to go. So this is the new project. These will do for Titansgrave and Shadowrun.
This new plan involves painting ten of these dwarves. If I get this done I will be slightly behind the curve with 23 figures done rather than 25. So the plan for the eight cultists has been pushed back till next week with some old Grenadier Miniatures (now Mirliton) Troopers and lizardmen to follow.

End Of The Week That Wasn't

Last week I thought I was starting to get back into the swing of the new year. I was only a few figures behind my weekly goals and this week I was going to catch up with everything. I had to do eight figures and all would be up to date. This week, for reasons that should be obvious if you look back at the blog, has been a bit of a wash out.

The table is pretty much where it was a week ago but I have managed to glue the last of the cultists together and put some glue on the bases before moving on to. This means that I am now thirteen figures behind the target for the year.
With being in Spain and coming back with a bug exercise has not been at the top of my list. I have missed exercise targets every day apart from today. I would have had to have beaten my all time daily record in order to get close to to an average of 10k steps per day. I have also put a few pounds back on but then I have eaten out every night during the week. Usually when I get to this stage, it is where I give up. Today though I have continued the work without any problems.

So the goal for next week is to get these eight figures done and keep on with the exercise. Pretty much just as it was last week.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Another Slow Day

During the only thing that I have done that is vaguely gaming related today is to order Star Saga. This part of my overall plan for an X-Com game by the end of the year. Some of the figures might not be so useful but some will fit right in with what I have planned. The terrain looks particularly useful.

Other than that it has been a slow day on the gaming front but I have played a couple of boardgames this evening. I managed to win twice and even managed to play one of my fave games. Outside of that however, The New Cruelty will not be happy this week. In fairness I have sent most of the week in Spain and I have come back with a hell of a cold which left me basically deaf in one ear for almost twenty four hours.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

My Auntie's RIP

I buried my auntie yesterday. It wasn't a good day but it was a good service despite the vicar mixing up my mum's name with my auntie.

She was an interesting lady with a number opinions about a lot of things. She had a marmite kind of character. I for one she was a great aunt and I will always remember her as the lady who brought me the red elephants from Kenya when I was 4.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

The Pyrenees

I'm on my way to Spain for my aunties funeral (well I was, I am here now). A chance to catch up with family and take in a bit of scenery.
I have had cause to do a bit of thinking. Taking a moment to appreciate life.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

End Of The Week

Whilst the miniatures painting has gone well this week, it does feel like a good news, bad news kind of week. I have had a good night of gaming on Friday that I really enjoyed. I have lost half a stone in a week pretty much just from walking (admittedly 55 miles of walking) so I am feeling pretty good about that.

There are a few things that have been driving me up the wall all week and I don't seem to be able to do anything about any of them. Then my auntie has died in particularly tragic circumstances. Something like that changes your perspective on what is going on around you. Suddenly I am not thinking about me or what is going on around me. I am not really even thinking about her. My thoughts have all been with my cousins and how they are going to cope with the loss of their mum.

So as far as The New Cruelty goes it has been a good week. I might go as far as saying that I have pretty much kept to the code this week. Whilst I haven't finished five figures I am really close to finishing ten instead. At the beginning of the week the plan was to finish the remaining eight in the week to come.

Next week is looking like a good time to suspend TNC. My auntie lives in Spain so the funeral is going to be over there. Due to this it looks like I am out of the country from Monday to Friday.  This will give me a bit of time at the weekend but I doubt that I will get the figures done.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

On The Verge Of Finishing

I have had a couple of hours to get on with painting the chaos cultists for a variety of post-apocalyptic games. This has given me the chance to finish off some details although these are mainly at the back of the miniatures. I keep finding missing bits and pieces but they are easily covered up. Just to make sure I am ready to go tomorrow I wanted to get the ink on which is now almost done. I am too tired to go on so I thought I would just do a quick post with an update.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Making Progress Again

This feels like a day I have made some progress, not just miniature painting but in the real world as well. A few little bits and pieces of conversation has made the day better.

With today's painting I am almost at the stage where I can start doing the ink washes. I doubt much is going to get done tomorrow as I will be out in the evening enjoying myself but hopefully Saturday and Sunday will see me getting these figures all done.
Next week is now looking like more recent bad news is about to catch up with me. Whilst I suspect that I will be posting as much as usual, it is looking like I won't be at home. For some reason life has sought to give me two funerals to go to, one half way across the country and the other half way across the continent. This getting old and being an adult thing really sucks some days.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Ridden Hard And Put Away Wet

28mm miniature painting is still a priority but maybe a little less so at the moment. My current exercise regime has seen me walk about six miles in the rain today. The phrase ridden hard and put away wet is not all that far from the truth. Still the exercise regime is having great results.
I've done a little bit more painting today in between all the other stuff that is going on. Not a huge amount of progress but I am heading in the right direction. I can see me doing some more work tomorrow with a good chunk of time available on Saturday and Sunday so I am hopeful that things are going to get done. I have glued a few more of the next batch together which is nearly all I need to do this week. Hopefully the weather will relent long enough for me to get them primed.

Hopefully playing a board game on Friday in Chester. The last time I was in Chester with this friend was a very good night out although I am hoping that this will have a more entertaining outcome.

Chaos Cultists Looking Less Chaotic

Still on the subject of Games Workshop Chaos Cultists, they are a little closer to completion today and there are a few more in the way. A sense of of an overall colour scheme is starting to come together and, although there is still work to do, they are beginning to look like what I was hoping for.
More GW Chaos Cultists
I have been thinking about making them look a little more like something that will fit into the X-Com game. Some of the figures have military style uniforms. Although I wanted basically a desert look for them, all brown is going to look somewhat dull. So a bit of green and blue will be thrown into the mix.

I have another eight of them in various stages of completion and these are what I would like to finish next week. One of them has a missing weapon and the hands to hold it. This will be a bit of a cobble but at least it will be different. Given the weather, I am not sure when I am going to get them primed.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Chaos Cultists Or Just Another Set Of Generic Bads Guys

Yesterday was not been a bad day as far as figure painting. There has been some actual painting. I started out with five figures which has turned into ten. The plan is still to get five done this week but hopefully I will get close to having the other five complete.
These figures look pretty good on the screen when you see them. Up front they are a little harder to paint. They would be better if they were a bit more generic something along the lines of what you get with the Imperial Guard.

Having done a lot of work with inks in the last few weeks I have gone back to something more conventional. The flesh has a little bit of a sickly green mixed in. This was deliberately not mixed very well to give the skin a slightly blotchy look which seems consistent with what these figures are about. If I manage to get a wiggle on I will give some of the figures camouflage  schemes especially on the legs.

The plan is that these figures are all going to look vaguely like they are in desert gear, with a few exceptions in the colour palette to make them more interesting. My view is that this will work with the ideas I have for their use. My ideas for Titansgrave make me think the world is mostly desert. My post apocalyptic worlds are fairly dusty and definitely not green. The only place where they might be out of play is X-Com but this probably isn't going to be such a big issue.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

It's That End Of The Week Time Again

Well I have finished all the figures I have started this week. Only three of them so The New Cruelty id not happy. Still it was three more than last week. This is the necromancer for my Viking Game
I might have to take a better picture to show off some of the details
The general idea was to make them look similar but different. The slightly decomposed version has had a dry-brushing with the same color as the skin to give is a fairly unhealthy tone. Similarly the skeletal version has had a dry-brushing with a bone colour. The bases have gone through a similar process.

Next week's five figures are going to be some GW chaos cultists. Not that I have any use for them as 40k cultists. These are likely to be used as part of the Titansgrave, X-Com and possibly post apocalyptic games like Fallout. I am pretty confident that the five will get finished and I am tempted to do another two just to get my totals up to ten so at least I will have hit the target twice.

Fantasy Necromancer Miniatures Are Fun

Fantasy miniatures are still my thing this week and this Necromancer, I call him Vetis Bane, is a pivotal character in the legends that hold my dark age fantasy world together. I have talked about the miniatures and the ideas behind in a few places on the blog already, such as here and there. Given that things have been a little slow this evening, I have had a chance to get some stuff done as well as some time away with friends. Note To Self: This was a very good weekend.
So I am still largely working with inks, certainly for the main blocks of colour. Obviously, some of the details have to have some colour before they get a wash. One of the reasons is that the palette of colours that I have in ink is pretty limited and I find it difficult to mix them together consistently. The effect on the clothing isn't half bad. There is still a bit of work to do on them but as it has been a busy week, I suspect that these three will be the only ones  to get fully finished this week.

The figures are almost all Northstar apart from the most human head, which is Westwind. I think I am right in say that all the Northstar parts come from the Cultist box. It seemed the most obvious choice for the parts as it covers all the bases when it comes to poses and states of decomposition although possible some GW parts would have been okay as well.

My posts have been a bit thinner on the ground this month. Whilst I was managing a post a day almost all year (and on aggregate, more than that for the year) January is proving to be a very busy month. I am not sure how and why that is, apart from the exercise but it is proving to be fun

Thursday, 11 January 2018

End Of The Week That Wasn't

Well the end of the first week of the year arrived a good few days ago now. Another year over and a new one just begun etc, etc. Even tho I missed my deadline, I thought I should post something. This blog is as much for me as to use as a reminder as it is for everyone else to read. So in light of that, I have been trying to work on my goals for the year. The figure painting has been a bit limited but I have played game this week and worked on some other game projects, but other stuff seems to have gotten in the way. An awful lot has kept me from the bench this week but the kids are back in school and things seem to be returning to something like normality.

Despite that, the work I am doing on my health has increased. I have managed to break my distance record by three days running and have gone from 17000 steps to just over 25000. According to the Fitbit, I have just had my first 5000 calorie day

Monday, 8 January 2018

Starting As I Mean (Well Hope) To Go On

It was about time I started doing some painting. There is now plenty of stuff that needs to be painted that is mostly prepped already and just about ready to go. As part of my new way of doing things, I thought.
Vetis Bane, A Necromancer - In various states of life
So I had been thinking about how to do the Necromancer for my Viking game. This villain, called Vetis Bane needed a suitable figure which I talked about here. Having created 3 versions of the same character is various stages of decay. Although the clothing is not 100% what I wanted, it is pretty close.

The first aspect of this was going to be depth of colour. I wanted the most decomposed figure to be paler and look more worn out. There are various ways of doing this but I wanted to use inks. For the living character, it got avery heavy wash, with three seperate coats whilst the skeletal figure looks like his clothes have been on the boil for weeks.

This is still pretty much WIP and there is a lot of work remaining

Friday, 5 January 2018

The Law Of Unintended Consequences

Going back to last year I started out on something I call The New Cruelty. As far  as most of my readers are concerned this is mostly about making sure that I keep painting and playing games. It must be done so it will be done. The thing is, right from the get go it was meant to be more than that, a lot more. This was about a commitment to a lifestyle change.
As it was about more than just hobby I have let it guide me. Every now and again I add something new to the list but I have yet to take something off it. Although I have been serious about it since I started it, I have really only aimed at doing the fun stuff. Since getting a Fitbit as an early Christmas present, things have changed.

One of the aspects on The Cruelty is exercise. This is something I have been short of for a long while. My belly was beginning to let me, and everyone else, know. In the last few months I have managed to lose about 3 stone or roughly 20 kilos. Most recently this has been down to walking. Today I have managed 20,000 paces (about ten miles or 16 kilometres). Whilst nothing like what I used to do, since starting working with the Fitbit about four weeks ago, it is a personal best. There have been a number of them today.

The trouble is it is interfering with my painting. I can pretty much guarantee that I have some free time after 8pm. Instead of this being my painting time, this has become dog walking time. The dog is getting walked so much that the dog is now afraid to go out the door with me as she is being walked about five miles a day now.

So tomorrow is a boardgame day (and playing actual games is part of The Cruelty). Sadly, this is going to leave me with Sunday to make my target for the week.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Gearing Up For A New X-Com

I have been talking about running an X-Com game (which has become ET-Com for Extra-Terrestrial Command) for a couple of decades now. That's a fairly long run in time. So having gone over my plans for the year, X-Com is coming to be a big part of it. Now that I have a coherent idea about bad guys, thanks to Chronicle-X things can progress a bit. Obviously with it being a Kickstarter, the figures are going to take some time to arrive. However if I can work it so that everything other than the figures is ready, a few months of painting should leave me in a position where I can start a game this time next year.

The Chronicle-X package has a whole load of different aliens. The first step for this game is going to be a bestiary. There looks to me to be at least fifteen different aliens in the game and maybe a few more. As I have already acquired some figures for this game, the intention is to use what I have already. I also want some zombies. So even without any significant variations, that's about 20 different stat blocks and descriptions.

One of the things this game does not seem to handle is ship to ship combat. There is enough in the Savage Worlds rules to do most of the things I want to do in my game. There will no doubt be a few changes and some more stat blocks for the vehicles and weapons.

I have already worked on weapons for the system here, but need to work on the weapons for the aliens. I might be able to get some casts of the alien weapons. I want to do this because I want the human soldiers to be able to use alien weapons. It would be good if the company was going to do some weapon sprues but I doubt it so copies will have to do.

Whilst I love the original game, it is the updated version of X-Com that I think I am going to use as my main guide. As I am using the Savage Worlds rules, this should not be to difficult. What I want is a series of new edges that reflect the computer games. This should not be a big issue.

All of this should be fairly easy to come up with. The bulk of what I need to do is going to be background. I have to come up with details of the organisation, the alien's plan and research. This is probably going to take as much time as the rest of the paperwork put together.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Backing A Kickstarter

Today I have backed my first kickstarter. It seems like a lot of money to put up for something that I may never get but the need for this one was pretty strong. Most of my gaming mates have backed a kickstarter at some point. In the past there have a few Kickstarters that have got my attention but I have been recticent to back them.
As Kingdom Death: Monster is now worth almost twice was it went for on Kickstarter and it has become something I really want, I didn't want to miss out on another one. That said, I am less likely to play this as a board game and more likely to use it just for the figures.

After I backed it they added a few more figures, cards and tiles as extra stretch goal. It's now only a few days away from being finished. Having run over the last of the origin, these new extra goals are probably likely to be achieved as well.

My expectation for the year is that I am going to move into doing more painting of futuristic figures or least slightly contemporary with a bit of sci-fi thrown in. Star Saga and some of the 3d Star Wars terrain also might make a showing So this might be a mix and match year.

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

500,000 Hits. Hurray For You. And Some Stuff

It took a little bit longer than I had thought/hoped to get here (well a day or so) but thank you for reading the blog and making this happen. I like posting but it's even better to know that someone is reading.

So after doing a whole load of painting prep at the end of last year I thought it was time to do some actual painting. Oh and more prep. I now go through phases of doing prep in the way I used to go through and apply bases to figures as I have gotten a lot better at that, once loathed, part of the process. It's easier to do something if it's going to look half decent at the end of it.

So I have decided that the first order of business for the new year is to complete any final details on what is on the bench. Most of this is stuff that I considered to be finished (apart from the bases). If I can manage that then the rest of my week will feel easier. None of the figures require that much work but there appears to be quite a few of them.

For my next project I am thinking in terms of doing some of the lizardmen next. I would like to try some more serious zenithal highlighting than I have tried in the past.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Starting As You Mean To Go On

The new year has begun. I don't really do the resolution thing as I am more in the moment than that. Most of the life decisions are already made and certainly all the ones about how I live my life are made.

So this is more about doing that talking about it. Then the weather got in the way of priming. I was busy prepping figures thinkIng would go outside and prime miniatures under clear blue skies. As I reached for my rattle can the sky opened up.

I did get some grit and texture put on some bases today, but not too much. That said, I have a week to make my target. I hope the weather holds.