Friday, 31 May 2013

Wales And Matters Arising

I've just been toWales for a few days. I was hoping to be able to post when I got there. Despite being about 20m from a telecom mast I wasn't getting much signal. For those of you who don't know Wales it's a part of the United Kingdom where the place names seem to have grown a few extra consonants, usually the letter L. The bit I have just been too looks like southern Spain only green and without cactus or donkey carts (lets see how many people I can offend).

I want to start of by saying that I love Wales. It's got the best views in the world. I can kind of see me moving there in the not too distant future. That said what it hasn't got is infrastructure. It doesn't need a theme park as the roads are in general more scary than even the biggest roller coasters. The internet seems to have passed it by. The RAF seem to use it as their play pen. It also seems to serve the worst fish and chips in existence. Us British love fish and chips, it is not  stereotype. I went to one place in Pwheli (that's Welsh not Swahili) where I was charges more money than I have ever been charged for fish and chips (even harry Ramsdens is cheaper) for possibly the worst tasting fish and frozen chips I have ever had in a place that truns out to be little better than the kiddies play area in McDonalds. The phrase less choice than a Welsh Fish and chip shop also sprang to mind.

Fish and chips aside, the place is lovely.


  1. As a non-Welsh resident of Wales, I have to agree with some of your assessment of the country- it is beautiful in many parts, but please don't take your experience in Pwllheli as typical. You were in a tourist area there, consequently prices will have been 'hiked' I suspect. As far as Fish and Chip shops are concerned, I live in a small town in South Wales that has a number of really good ones, and I'm from Yorkshire where we have some great ones, so I guess it's the luck of the draw! Sorry you had a less than satisfactory experience in that department- don't let it put you off!

    1. I've been going to Wales for a long time. I worked in North Wales for a while. Sadly I was based in Rhyl. If anyone took Rhyl as typical of anywhere then you would never go back. Rhyl is the archetype of "the seaside town they forgot to close down." Pwheli is not really typical of anywhere. It is what it is a guess. It's not going to stop me going back there. I prefer the stuff more inland. I come from Lancashire (so feel slightly smug) especially when it comes to chis shops in Wales and Yorkshire. Apparently this shippy was one of the best my other half had eaten in. Apparently it has changed hands.

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    1. yes the earthquake. I almost forgot being woken up by the shaking. I think this is the biggest earthquake I have been in.