Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Star Wars Anniversary

The twenty fifth  is the day (not May the fourth) that Star Wars opened in America in 1977. There can be very little out there that has had such an effect on my life (or bank balance). To this day I am not really sure why. Something about heroes and doing the right that right thing that follow me even now.  The characters just make yiu want to get involved even when you shouldn't.

I was caught up with everything. Palitoy Star Wars figures where what my life was all about foe a long time. I can still recall seeing them for the first time in the window of closed toy shop. I just had to have some. I still have my Star Wars comics in a box, one of the few links I have left with my childhood.

I love it enough today to be shocked by George Lucas selling up and elated by the fact that Disney (why Disney George? Why?!!!!) will be making some more films.

Take a moment to remember what the world looked like after the first time you saw Star Wars. Carry that moment with you.

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  1. Swimbo just had the nerve to call me a saddo because I am a Star Wars fan. This is even though she has more versions of the films than I have. She has love of the Lord of the Rings that borders on a mental health condition.