Friday, 17 May 2013

20,000 Page Views

So 20,000 views in just over twelve months. I am taking that as a success. Not sure I am planning a party for the occasion but I am quite happy about this. I think it was probably someone from India who seems to have looked at half the blog. Assuming you aren't some kind of spammer thank you for helping me get there.

I've even had a new follower Barks  who has his own blog somewhere. Any follower of mine is worth a plug. I am a little jealous of Big Lee who has just managed 500 followers. He must be doing something right. What's the secret? I mean other than all the hard work and painting.

I haven't done much this week other than play about with graphics software. I have been umming and arring about buying a laser cutter this week. Every time I look at what I want the price seems to have gone up by a grand. It's now getting on to that amount I paid for the last new car I brought.

Still off to Triples in Sheffield in the morning.

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