Friday, 31 May 2013

Some More 15mm Work

I alluded to some 15mm painting that I had done the other day. These were really just some characters I have planned for one of my RPG games so I put a bit of effort into them.

The first is a US Navy Officer although I am sure it would also do for a Bolivian Policeman or one of the crew off Loveboat. Think this is an Armies Army Figure I think. It would be perfect if oit ddn't have a blue tooth earpiece in. He seems to have got a nice strong jawbone but does seem to be pouting. What did I do before inks? The medals aren't really anything in particular because most of the bars are two small. Although you can't see it in the picture he has bars on his sleeves as well.

The following two have been painted as sort of Buddhists. The first actually is a Buddhist from the Peter Pig Vietnam range. You can see that the face was nearly as orange as the saffron robes. No it' not Roger Moore in his heyday. Although the figure is meant to male it is a double for a female buddhist character from my old Conspiracy X game.

The last figure is also from Peter Pig. This is a religious Leader Figure from the AK47 range. He has a dead body counterpart in the picture below. It seems like a nice striking pose that I think I can use in a few games I have coming up. He has the look of a slightly organge Captain Morpheus to me.
Lastly here are a few more corpses. One is meant to be a policeman like the ones I painted last year here. There is also a US postman and a few others for good measure. These were nearly all military types and I was hoping that I have turned them into something more civilian like. What do you think?


  1. If you delve into the Peter Pig web-site, you can find all sorts of figures that can be used in lots of different settings/eras, the buddhist being a case in point! Excellent set of gorey corpses by the way!

    1. Peter Pig have some good stuff. I have some of the other leader figures on the bench at the moment. I have a lot of gaming interests in different periods so anything that has multiple uses is good. I run most of my RPG games with 15mm figures so it's nice to have something that can be turned into a character.