Sunday, 20 January 2019


Last year I spent some time playing in a Star Wars RPG last year and I was surprised to say that I really enjoyed it. For some reason I felt the urge to paint some suitable figures. This led to a lot of internet searches which is pretty much how I waste all my time.

To save you going through what I found out I shall summarize. We were playing with the old Wizards Of The Coast figures which don't really interest me. They are pre-painted and a to be honest they are not the best models ever made. Most are a bit scrawny and they don't really fit in with the sizing of other figures. The Imperial Assault figures are very nice but they are not the cheapest and don't have a lot of poses. The detailing is great and they are 28mm which means that they fit in with a lot of other ranges. On the downside the range isn't great either. I have about thirty of the old metal Stormtrooper figures from West End Games. These are lovely figures and if I recall there were about ten sets of them. Nice as the range was it wasn't that great and there are a lot huge range and given that it is old school a lot of the races aren't there. Finding bits for conversion was also going to be a problem. On the plus side they are 25mm which is not that much of a plus. I have a load of 25mm figures from back in the day and some old Traveller figures which I used to love. Sadly the figures are long out of stock and to buy them second hand was looking like a lot of money.

This kind of leaves me with Star Wars Legion. When I first started looking at this game my opinion was a bit negative. They are big figures which don't really fit in with the figures that I have. There is very little available commercially that would fit in with them. Initially there wasn't much of a range.

When I thought about it though they quickly became my first choice There are now about fifty plus non-character figures out there and the range seems to be expanding. Basic units are relatively cheap compared to the old WEG and Imperial Assault figures. The non basic units are a bit more pricey but still cheaper especially if you can find a deal of which there are plenty out there. The characters are way more expensive though but I guess there are ways around this.

My plan is basically to do a lot of conversions. Star Wars has a lot of alien races but nearly all of them are men in suits. This means that a head swap is most of what is needed. Looking at the Rebel figures I don't see the need for a lot of miniguns so these were going to be ripe for conversion. hen I thought a lot about conversions. There are a few 3d printed options as well as the ability to convert yourself. I think it was the ability to use 3d bits that appealed the most. The construction, in the main calls for the arms to be stretched to fit in the sockets, the figures are relatively elastic. This means that they would take a lot of punishment before falling off.

So we get to the Stormtroopers. My aim is to have figures for an RPG. I have forteen Stormtroopers, two of which are armed with missile launchers. In my head a dozen stormtroopers is enough. That said, if I have them I might as well paint them. The exception is that I am going to scrap one of the missile launcher figures. The Rebels don't have a missile launcher so I might use this for a conversion option.

Now they are glued and have a base texture. My next step is to prime them. I can't spray prime indoors and outdoors is looking like it is out of the question for a bit. So I guess they are going to end up in a draw for a while.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Starting Work For The New Year

For the last week or so I have been feeling a little disconcerted. Despite a few hours a day trying to figure out what it's all about. I have come to the conclusion that I haven't painted enough minis. Go figure.

Soooo...The main reason why I am not painting of last is that I don't have much a place to work. What I do have is a puff. In truth it is a very comfortable place to put my feet but It's not a workbench. It is what I have at the moment.was

I guess painting is out of the question. My eyesight is not the greatest and I am kind of dependant on using a magnifying lamp. Given the "workbench situation" I can only do what I can do. So this is it.

As part of the overall plan I was going to do some Blood Bowl stuff. I only have a few figures to hand so I thought I could at least get things started. Some of the stuff I got last year were the Doom Lords. Chaos is one of my favourite teams to play. Bashing things in Blood Bowl is where it's at for me. It lacks a little flair maybe but it feels good when you see your opponent start to twitch when they see their third player carried off the field of play.

As I cannot paint without the lamp so I figured I could at least get them put together. The twelve figures in the box will get you a team but it rarely covers all the options. Games Workshop want to sell you a second box which means you end up with a sprue you don't really need. At least with this set there aren't too many wasted figures.