Friday, 3 November 2017

Varag Ghoul Chewer Conversion

Yes I am getting distracted again.

Well kind of. Something I mentioned in a post has been making me think. When I first started playing Blood Bowl I was very, very short of money. So my first team was made out of what figures I had. I converted some spare undead figures and when I say convert, I stuck some shoulder pads on some figures.

Anyway, I was thinking about buying some more Blood Bowl figures. Specifically, I wanted to finish the teams I already have. As I have what I have on the workbench (Human and Orc) I was thinking what I could do. So I looked at what I have left and for the orcs, like most teams, if you buy two boxes of figures, you end up with a couple of extra catchers and maybe some others.

So I dragged out an orc thrower. Throwers are perhaps the lightest armoured figure in the team and Varag is perhaps the heaviest. So what to do. It isn't an obvious conversion. The pose of the figure really is that of a thrower. Even so I thought I could work with it. Chopping the arms off seemed the obvious choice. The left arm was particularly distinctive. Then I remembered about the space orcs/orks I did a while back. There were plenty of spare parts. So I took one of the arms from this and chopped it to size. Maybe it is a touch smaller but I can't really tell when I look at it. It looks a bit more like the figures is trying to push off another but not as much as I would like.
Then it's down to a head swap, chopping off some bits of cloth (especially the bits that would defy gravity), added some armour plates after a few more bits to allow the extra armour. Job, almost done. A bit of greenstuff, when I get round to it, and then it will be job done.
Looking at the actual Varag figure, it's nothing like it. What is more important is that it doesn't look like the thrower that it started out as.


  1. That's a tremendous looking conversion, Fred, and whilst, as you say, it doesn't look like the actual Varag figure, it still looks superb. Great work and I'm looking forward to seeing him painted :-)

    1. Thanks Blaxkleric. I have started looking at other possible conversions so watch this space.

  2. Really nice work, congrats for the conversion!