Saturday, 11 November 2017

Getting Closer To Finishing Off & Remembering

I should start this post with a brief remembrance of the Fallen. Today is the day we remember our fallen soldiers in the UK. More than a few relatives died during the Great War, and a few fewer died during the Second World War. Luckily for my family, most of them were too busy making chemical weapons or were too old to fight during the second world war. I have lost a few friends during our more recent, poorly chosen forays into international politics. They will not be forgotten.
Earlier on I was confident enough about finishing off my paint queue for the week that I allowed myself to become a bit distracted. This has meant more farting around with Greenstuff. Then I moved on to doing a bit of painting. Not my best work to be honest I am not unpleased with the situation. With a touch of luck I can finish off the five figures I have been concentrating on and then finish the Blood Bowl troll that has been hanging around for a while.

I've been to see Thor Rganarok today. Whilst I take a few exceptions with how they treat the myths, it wasn't a bad film. It did give me the feel of the myths and it was really quite funny. Well worth a watch. What ut did do for me was reminded me of the post I did about the Black Elves. Maybe next week should be the week I start painting this project. This was in part why I got the Greenstuff out so I could finish off the bases for the last three figures

So I am now just listening to Sailing by on Radio 4. It'd the piece of music they play every night just before the shipping forecast. For a long while this was part of my going to bed ritual. this was the point when the lights went out. I kind of miss this kind of regularity in my life. It certainly used to help me get to sleep.

Whilst I would have liked to get a bit more done, it has been a busy day today. I have high expectations of the day tomorrow.

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