Wednesday, 8 November 2017

The Mighty Zug - WIP

I couldn't bring myself to paint this morning but I did find the replacement 28mm head I was looking for. In all the incarnations of The Zug, he is bald. The only really bald spare head I could find was this one by Mad Robot Miniatures. I think the head is supposed to be Bruce Willis and if it is, it's a pretty good job. It's not quite the chav head I was looking for but it will do.
Still very much work in progress
I wanted to evoke Zug, so I looked at the key features across the history of the figure. Apart from being bald, he has a gold chain and medallion, no right shoulder pad and some spikes on the left pad. In the early ones, he has an impressive cod piece. Some of these are done, some will be done.

I wanted to give him some animation, so I cut one of the feet from the base and then chopped his leg up a big so it could be bent back. No matter how I placed it, the arm only really looks right in the position it is in. Forward or back looks wrong and down doesn't look good either. A bit of greenstuff in all the right places and he should be good to go.

Anyway, I think he will pass and he has all the criteria of the Zug so should be okay for tournament play.


  1. I must admit I'm not sure the face suits him. The lack of any facial expression is a bit weird on the agressive action pose.

  2. I agree. I just can't find a better head. It does look like Bruce Willis though. He is down the paint queue so maybe I'll see if there is another head out there. The real figure looks a lot more thuggish.