Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Importance Of Family - Obviously Not A Gaming Post

It is said that Christmas is just around the corner. At the moment it feels like it more round a blind alley. I have been to the local Christmas market today, all eight stalls of it, just to have a hot dog. Except that it's a bratwurst because we all know that German sausage brings out the true meaning of Christmas. Tell me if I need to up the irony for anybody at any point.

To be honest I haven't done much other than some computer gaming for a few days. My cousin has been up for some work and I have had him staying with me whilst he is up here. This is no bad thing. he is not a bad bloke and I am happy to help out.

But Christmas is coming. lest we all forget that. A time of good cheer, beer turkey and massive bills. I can't help but think it's about family. I have lost the two most important members of my family in the last years so it ha made me think more and more about the wider family. And Christmas is coming. It's a bad time of year for all, in a lot of ways but it does have it's good points. One of those is family. So, take my advice, as someone who is not going to get to see his mum and dad this year, family is important and if you have a chance to do something with them, make it happen whilst you can.

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  1. Well said.
    Christmas is for the kids (of ALL ages), with its lights, presents, and all the other consumer driven aspects - and it's fun.
    As we get older (and wiser?) we have more to reflect on at the "turning of the year", especially the loss of loved ones, which of course, is sad.

    As for the Bratwurst, as it happens, according to one train of thought "Yule" and Yuletide (or Yule Time) was one of the Germanic names for the winter solstice, so because of our Anglo-Danish roots, maybe it DOES have its place ;-)