Monday, 13 July 2015


I got my stuff from the Frostgrave Kickstarter, I mean Nickstarter today. This has gotten me out of my temporary blogging fugue. I have been doing some painting and a little bit of tarting up of old figures. I should get round to posting some pictures soon.

So, Like I say I got the kicktstarter stuff. There was quite a lot of it. The figures were really pretty on the promo stuff. I liked it a lot so I ordered the full package.
Twenty magic users, ten other metal figures, twenty plastic figures, just less than ten trasures markers, a rulebook, a downloadable scenario, a book of short stories and some wallpapers. Mustn't forget the wallpapers.  so quite a lot of stuff.

The rulebook is a really good quality hardback. Rules are nice and simple. It could use a bit more contact and background to fill up the space but what is there is excellent. the pictures are fantastic the illustrations are pretty good too. Well worth a read and this is set to be my toilet book for the next month. The book of stories, well that's a nice touch but I can't see anyone actually paying money for it. Overall verdict on this book was meh.
 The Wizards are what this game is all about. hugely pretty figures. They just about fit in with what I normally paint for fantasy figures, maybe a little out of period. Twenty of them is enough for any rpg game but I guess only just enough for Frostgrave. You also get a bonus figure of a necromancer. This looks like it's going to be a pain to paint and I don't have a plan for it. This may change when the Liche Lord Supplement comes out towards the end of the year.
There are ten metal retainers. One of them is a bit of a cheat as it's a a figure out the Crusader Range but it's nice to have a free figure. There are some retainers. Again all nice poses and I can find a use for all of them. There are just not enough of them.
The plastic figures look pretty good on the website. Lots of things you can do with these. My current plan is thieves and brigands plus a few other bits and pieces. There are a lot of accessories which I can see ending up being used elsewhere. The only down note with these is that they are a little smaller than the rest of the figures.
There are quite a few freebies in there somewhere. The Liche Lord being the prize but the treasure tokens are pretty good too.
For first run figures, they are a bit claggy, There is a lot of excess metal in the form of flash. There is not much in the way of mold lines though. Some are pretty bad but for the most part, this does not detract from the figures
 The two shorts of the war dog arepretty typical of how the figures turn out. This thing is huge. It probably couldn't eat a human in a single sitting but could probably polish it off in a day or so. it is so big that the base won't all fit on the two pence pieces that I use for basing.
All in all, I think it was worth the money. I am happy with what I got. The story book is a nice touch and I am sure that I will read it but I would have preferred something a bit more useful (I mean more lead). The wallpapers they provide, well they are okay I guess. I'll never use them and I can't help thing that this was a useless incentive and almost like they were looking for something to give away.