Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Well things proceed as normal. The house fell through two days before I was due to exchange. It appears the owners of the house had been holding back a load of information that the solicitor said would make it unsalable.

So everything is in boxes. Every mini, every paint pot and every brush is boxed up and ready to go. But I am not. Then I was looking at somewhere that is a bit of a fixer upper but is massive. There would be shed but maybe there is a spare room and a cellar that could be put to some use. However I have since decided that it is too close to falling down to take a punt which is a shame.

My dad did get me a new lap top but for some reason, the net at home does not work. This has gotten worse after someone pushed the router over and it fell four feet. Not to mention a battery issue and it has no DVD player. So I haven't been able to do much online either. I have had to go out of the house to do this, but that feels pretty good too.

So as I am going to be here for a little while at least, I wanted something to do so I have a bit of a side project which is a new workbench. I have been wanting to make my workbench into something that I can cover up to stop it getting dusty, jumped on by pets and the like. Mst of all it needs to be somewhere were I can get all my stuff in the same place and out of the way.

So I got this. It's a second hand Ikea computer desk which has seen better days. My other half even things that it could go in a reception room. So I might not be sent to the shed/garage/cellar/attic.  On the downside she wants to paint it in a chavvy chic, shabby chic way. I blame it all on Kirsty Allsop. Sadly there are laws against what I think should happen to Kirsty Allsop for filling the minds of the female gender with ideas like shabby chic. So I am hoping that my other half resists the urge.

So the plan for the cabinet is to put shelves for the paint pots around the make section of the desk. I want to run some lights around the top of the main area, probably some LED lights across the top. My magnifying lamp won't fit properly so I will have find a way to attach it to the outside and I also want to have a table lamp in there somewhere. I am hoping I can figure out a way to put a socket in there somewhere so I can power a glue gun or other tools.

As there is some scope for running cable up the back, I might not attach the shelves to the unit and get some board to run up the back. The same goes for the sides as there are extenders to bring the table supports out so I will have to find a way to protect them too.

Then I want to put the plastic draws on the shelf above that. Maybe there will be some space for nick nicks and all the other junk.

When I move and I have access to the tools, I would like to put a pane; underneath so that I can slide the plastic really useful tray underneath. This would also stop the top of the chair arms bumping into the the desk top which is currently vexing me a little.

Above that more storage I expect that this will be a pretty mixed bag of stuff that get used fairly frequently but not for every day stuff. I may find the space for a few books and maybe an old stereo I have lying around. Above that, I don't know yet, some more storage I guess.

I'll see where it goes.