Saturday, 14 July 2018

Boardgames - I (Almost) Never Get This Right

I like playing board games. It's something I like to do and would happily do more off. As with most things I wonder how good I am at playing them. Playing games multiple times gives you a certain degree of insight into them and I just don't play most games often enough. Over the years I have come to believe I have a certain amount of natural talent at playing game. However I don't learn from my mistakes. What this means is that the first time I play a game (assuming that everyone else either hasn't played it or hasn't played it much) I usually do pretty well and more often than not I win. When I play again, I winuch less often.

So I ask myself why. Do I just fail to learn from my mistakes? Or is it something else? I have come to the conclusion that I just don't play enough games.  There are a few games that I really like playing but to be honest what I enjoy about gaming is the company as much as the game. Playing games is less about winning and losing (especially when you are winning). It's always about a chance to meet up with old friends and meeting up with new ones.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Is It Worth It?

This one is all about money. We all like money don't we? So if anyone has any thoughts I would really appreciate you giving me the benefit of them.
Usually the only currency I am interested in is two pence pieces
So the times are a changing and I am about to go into business for myself. Laser cutting anything game related seems to be my first course of action. The name of the game in business is making money.  So I am a bit torn. This blog has always been about doing something to amuse myself. Why I want to do this I am not sure. Painting figures used to be enough but I have found that blogging about it seems to make me a better painter.

Or to put it another way, HELP.

And no I am not asking for a handout.

I am thinking maybe I should put AdSense on the blog. I am almost at the stage where five or ten pounds a month might suddenly be important. I guess there are other ways to make some money to. Has anybody done it? Did it make any money? Did it naff of the readers? How much of a pain was it? Are there any things I might need to know?

Hell I am even at the stage where I am considering putting up a YouTube channel seems worthwhile even if it's going to take a while to make money. I spent six months toing a desktop video editing course so I might as well put those skills to use.

On a wider scale than this, if anyone has any insights or tips about setting up a business I would really appreciate it.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Yossarian, CorelDRAW And Positive Changes.

Mucking about with an image of Yossarian in Corel Draw is my way of saying I am not sure where the time as gone. I guess the character of Yossarian has become my internet totem. At the moment I am really feeling like the only sane man in an insane world. This feels like a good thing and I might have got a bit of my mojo back.
Things have very definitely settled down here in my new home. The face palm thing is more about me looking back at how things were and not about how things are. Perhaps, just perhaps, I have been a little bit dumb recently. In spite of some of the bad stuff going on, the good stuff is actually leaving me with a smile on my face most of the time. My only real problem at the moment is that I have nowhere to work. The place I am living in is a lot smaller than I had before and I currently have no workbench. I went to the Phalanx show last month and managed to buy a grand total of two figures. Since then I have acquired a freebie plastic robot creature. This brings my figure acquisition total to five figures for the year. It has become clear to me that I need to have a bit of a clear out. This is is some ways painful and in others quite liberating.

To be fair I am not blaming this on the move. A lot of good has come out of it. I don't really have a project. I started the year with a whole bunch of projects but I am not feeling any of them at the moment. The only thing I think I want to but is Kingdom Death: Monster but this is a huge amount of money to spend on figures when I am not doing any painting.

Lots of stuff looks like it might change in the next few months on top of all the changes that have already taken place. Whilst some of them might not seem so good and I looking for the best in all of the outcomes. One of those changes is that I am looking at starting up a business again.

So I have ordered a shed and a bigger and better laser cutter than I ordered last time. It's taken time to put a base in for the shed but real progress seems to be being made. There is even a grand plan and I am I thinking I could really make a go of things. The shed some give me some workspace and allow me to put some of the bulky stuff that is currently taking up space in it and free up some space in the house.