Friday, 16 May 2014

Some Work In Progress

I have been massively busy this week. I have been doing a lot of waiting but I haven't had a chance to take any pictures. Mostly I have been painting a lot of old stuff and in some cases very old (When did Chronicle stop making figures?)
So I have some Copplestone Yetis on the bench. These have been sat around for a little while. Nice easy paint job, I hope anyway.
I have this Mirliton (not Grenadier) female Elf magic user (yes I know she's a bit butch but in my game elves are ard). They are a little on the tall side but to my mind it adds to the haughty elf vibe.
I have some very shiny modern/sci-fi types. They have a lot of shading to do on them and a few big areas of colour to do.
And this dwarf.  I hate this dwarf. No matter what I do to it, it does not light. I'm still working n the book he is carrying.  It has been driving me up the wall for months.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Viking Civilians Again

Well I have pretty much finished these. They need a spray of varnish and some bits to tart up the bases. Summer has come early here so the rain is so heavy I can't take them outside so that I can spray them. The garden nearly has a river running through it where the dog has been playing in it.
I really like the way the woman in blue has come out. She has a great face apparently busy crying over spilled milk.
The guy on the left would make a nice Little Jon figure if he had a staff rather than a  mattock.Unlike the rest of them, he is a Gripping Beast figure and not Foundry like the rest of them. The best figure is the one eyed, one legged one armed civilian figure. I have plans for him in the game.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Busy Busy

I am starting and nearly finishing a lot of figures at the moment. So as I haven't finished anything recently, I thought I'd post this picture of something I finished a couple of weeks ago. There are Copplestone scavengers I think.
It's not much I know but there is a lot of stuff about to be finished so I'll publish them as and when.

Sunday, 11 May 2014


I have been all over the place with what I have been doing since the last post. I did a bit more inking on the Foundry Viking civilians and the other figures from Gripping Beast. Then, whilst I was waiting for that to dry, I did some inking on the long ship. I used some old citadel washes this was more because the old, old washes were a bit useless for figure painting and there is a lot of boat to cover. I have several pots of the stuff just gathering dust. Maybe I should put them on eBay I ended up finding places where the ship would benefit from a bit more glue, so then I was letting that dry.

This is where the distractions really kicked in. The civilians were still not dry enough to work on. I have some chaos dwarves that I wanted to work on. bad guys are currently in short supply so a few more might help me out later on. They represent one of the possible plot lines I have worked out for the game. The miniatures, from Mirliton, have enough of a dark vibe to fit in with my concept of the game. some of the helmets are a bit out of place but I am sure no one will notice. There are a few more evil dwarves that I might get round to buying and they have some nice medieval noble and not so noble civilians which might work well.

There has been some blocking out of the base colours. This is mostly done. I have them following the same concept as dark elves so gave them the sort of traditional colour scheme. There are a few bits that need details that won't fit in with that sort of colour scheme but these are details and should hopefully make the figures look a bit more normal. I think these figures will fit in with the concepts I have lifted from Skyrim. 

Sunday, 4 May 2014

May The Fourth Be With You

It's Star Wars Day again. I should be sat in front on the TV watching all six films and maybe even Caravan of Courage. I would not be watching the Star Wars Special. I am lead to believe that George Lucas Hunted down every copy of that and had it destroyed.

Anyway, I should be watching them in Hi-Def glory but the folks are here for the weekend so I guess I will be watching Last of the Summer Wine with the volume turned almost all the way up instead. My dad is such a big fan we went to see where it's filmed the other day, Last of the Summer Wine that is, not Star Wars sadly.
It looks like all the old cast are back. If this picture is anything to go by it's going to be the Han Solo Show. Maybe Mark Hamill will finaly have his day.
There is a fan Fun Day in Burnley Tomorrow which is worth a look if any one cares to go. Was a giggle the last time I went. Think I am going to a classic car show with my Dad instead.

Let's hope the films and are bit more Empire Strikes Back and a little less Caravan of Courage. :)

Friday, 2 May 2014

2300: More Trouble On Beowulf

The referee is having a laugh. Did somebody say "Kobayashi Maru"? If I wanted to put myself in situations where no matter what I was going to do, I was going to get screwed, I'd go back to working for the local council.

Seriously, it was a lot of fun.

Who is not going to love dealing with a corporate lawyer who has their own personal ED 209 security droid in tow.  Give them a cheesy corporate vice principle to add on to that. The mass eviction of a load of British locals in the middle of a massive storm. Did I mention that the corporation has a history of genetic slavery? Good solid people right? The kind you trust every day. Well if your American and you vote Republican. Or Democrat.

The locals a great. Really welcoming. The second one we meet is insistent on using a neural whip on one of the workers he employs in his brothel. Luckily for us, we find out after my security tem leaser knocks him out cold and leaves him with a few missing teeth that he is the local leader and everyone in town, well pretty much, is related to him. Said employee is a pleasure bot so  not really human. Except that somehow, she is the first bot to develop true artificial intelligence. This is largely due to her employer using a neural whip on her.

Said neural whip was removed from the local businessman by the head of security. Just for comic effect, he decides to toss it to the engineer. The engineer now knows that attempting to juggle a live neural whip does not always end well and that there is no ice cream or medals afterwards.

So, after finding that there is a fortune "In them there hills" just before the corporates move in, we get some orders (after defeating the corporates attempts to jam our single) from the ESA to ensure that the corporation stay out of the town. I'm not sure if this is the ESA doing the right thing by it's citizens or just wanting to make sure that it secures a vitally important strategic resource.

Anyway, we have a drop ship on it's way with six marines and thirty locals. we may get some guys i battledress too.

Anyway, there will be lots of poop to be in next week. We don't play nice with our friends, I suspect we are not going to play nice with the corporates wither.