Sunday, 11 May 2014


I have been all over the place with what I have been doing since the last post. I did a bit more inking on the Foundry Viking civilians and the other figures from Gripping Beast. Then, whilst I was waiting for that to dry, I did some inking on the long ship. I used some old citadel washes this was more because the old, old washes were a bit useless for figure painting and there is a lot of boat to cover. I have several pots of the stuff just gathering dust. Maybe I should put them on eBay I ended up finding places where the ship would benefit from a bit more glue, so then I was letting that dry.

This is where the distractions really kicked in. The civilians were still not dry enough to work on. I have some chaos dwarves that I wanted to work on. bad guys are currently in short supply so a few more might help me out later on. They represent one of the possible plot lines I have worked out for the game. The miniatures, from Mirliton, have enough of a dark vibe to fit in with my concept of the game. some of the helmets are a bit out of place but I am sure no one will notice. There are a few more evil dwarves that I might get round to buying and they have some nice medieval noble and not so noble civilians which might work well.

There has been some blocking out of the base colours. This is mostly done. I have them following the same concept as dark elves so gave them the sort of traditional colour scheme. There are a few bits that need details that won't fit in with that sort of colour scheme but these are details and should hopefully make the figures look a bit more normal. I think these figures will fit in with the concepts I have lifted from Skyrim.