Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Viking Civilians Again

Well I have pretty much finished these. They need a spray of varnish and some bits to tart up the bases. Summer has come early here so the rain is so heavy I can't take them outside so that I can spray them. The garden nearly has a river running through it where the dog has been playing in it.
I really like the way the woman in blue has come out. She has a great face apparently busy crying over spilled milk.
The guy on the left would make a nice Little Jon figure if he had a staff rather than a  mattock.Unlike the rest of them, he is a Gripping Beast figure and not Foundry like the rest of them. The best figure is the one eyed, one legged one armed civilian figure. I have plans for him in the game.


  1. Great to see these all finished off and heading for the tale.

  2. Nice additions Fred they look great :)