Monday, 6 May 2019

Start Of The Week - The Weird Wild West

When I started blogging I was all about 15mm miniatures. Most of what I had done over the years has been 28mm but I was finding that I liked 15mm minis better. Then I started painting 28mm again for some games I was playing in or running myself. Which I how I got into painting stuff for the Wild West, specifically for Deadlands: Reloaded.

Back then I painted about a dozen of the figures I had before the game fell through. Since then they have mostly been sat around. Now I have the urge to paint some more oddball stuff again so why not cowboys and zombies. Oh and Mexicans and Indians and eventually everything else. Maybe at some point they could be a project in the future.
So now for a painting plan. On top of the twenty wild west figures I have already done I have another twenty to do.They are a mixture of Artisan Designs and Wargames Foundry I think. I am going to look at doing them in batches of ten with the Indians and the few remaining western types to do. Then the next batch in some Mexicans and some harrowed/cowboy zombies. The plan is to stick with the first batch in the main, maybe work on the second batch a bit. If in doubt I have a background project which is a pretty mixed bag but mainly Wargames Foundry Street Violence stuff.

I will happy if I get ten figures done this week but I would hope to get more done which would be a bonus

Sunday, 5 May 2019

End Of The Week - And I Am Reasonably Please (35)

This week I am more than happy with my painting performance. Thirty five figures done and dusted so I am quite content. Admittedly the majority were relatively simple and most were on the small side but a fair amount of work has gone into them so I am not counting them as a half figure.
I have a figure that I used as a black elf leader but when I saw these I thought they would do what I wanted. A king queen and a couple of palace guards. The touch of purple is possibly too much but I thought it gave them a nice imperial feel.
Every king and queen need a few hench elves. I am not sure about the pointy hats. I did think about doing a christmas game featuring black elves so maybe it will work.
Three more of the black tree designs high elves painted as black elves. I have already done a set of these last year but a few more can't hurt.
 This is not really a black elf but a mage from thr Frostgrave Nickstarter. I could think of no really useful purpose for him before but he seems to fit with the bad guys.
I have done two batches of lizardmen skinks. The onl small one in a mix of plastic and metal. The first batch was almost all metal. These were quite well detailed figures.
The second batch of this week's skinks. These are almost all plastic and relatively simple models to paint so a very quick job. I really didn't put that much effort into them.
Finally a group shot of all of what I have done. So I now have 36 in total. I have some of the newer plastic skinks too. I might get them done in the not to distant future. I have to say that I think the older figures are much nicer even if they are mono-pose.

Saturday, 4 May 2019

An Elf Problem - Open To Suggestions

At the moment all I do is think. It’s becoming a bit of a problem for me. At the moment, as well as all the other stuff, I have a bit of an elf problem.

As I am in the process of finishing off the black elves (svartalfar) I have been doing this week I have had a cause to think about what I am doing with elves over all. When I was originally thinking about the first batch of these a few years ago I was pretty certain that I didn’t want them to look like D&D dark elves. One of the big things was that I didn’t want them to be all purple and silver. What I wanted was something a bit more along the lines of the dark elves in Thor: The Dark World. This time around I have relaxed the no purple rule, well at least a little but only for the court characters. I still need a shield type and I haven’t really worked it out although flat rectangular shields and those of the Norman type might do.

Still this has caused me to think about some of the stuff that is missing from my figures collection. Some would say I have a bit of a problem but I like to be able to cover most eventualities. When it comes to RPGs this means that I like to have at least one of each character class in both genders and a bunch of warrior types. A task that I have just about managed with humans but that is about it.

I need more elves. I have been running and designing a RPG based on dark age Norse myths and a changed version of Viking and world history. My plan is to run a new campaign featuring white elves. My games are mainly role playing but feature big battles so a range of RPG types, enough for a small army (at least thirty figures) and it would be nice if there were some civilian figures. Some sort of kings court figures would be nice. I have some wood elves which I think at one point were going to do double duty. After some thought they just don’t have the right vibe. I want something more majestic.

So I am looking for some appropriate 28mm figures for the white elves. In the myths these are not very well described but the words white luminous seems to crop up. I am thinking something more like Galadriel than Arwen. Given that Nordic elves are not referenced as having pointy ears (damn you Tolkien although some people say different) I could actually get away with human figures.

They need to be relatively in keeping with the dark ages and less D&D. So far I am thinking early Saxons with a strong Romano-British vibe but maybe late late Romans might do it but I doubt it (but I am willing to be convince). I like the more ornate style of armour that they have which looks a bit more advanced than that used in the dark ages (simple chain mail or padded clothing). The Oathmark elves are not bad but their just isn’t the variety. The GW style does not really do it fo me Some even have wolf tail helmets which I think I could make work. I would be looking at very pail if not white (or almost white) skin tone. I wouldn’t want the traditional round shield or kite shield either. In the game the Romans were a thing (some time in the past) and I was thinking using a Roman type shield, either the large oval or the more rectangular, indicating that they have been around a while.

So I don’t know if anyone has any ideas about figures to use. If you could think of anything that is stylistically white elf that would be great too. On the off chance that you do I would really like to hear from you.

Friday, 3 May 2019

Borak The Despoiler

Blood Bowl is still a game I love and there are some teams I love more than others. In most games I play I generally want to be a good guy. I am of the side of the light, right, the force and occasionally even the law. I don't do bad guys. I might pick a team that is a little less close to home if I think I am going to lose a lot. IT IS A RULE THAT I FIGHT FOR THE RIGHT SIDE. Except when I play Blood Bowl. Then I am just nasty.

My favourite teams for Blood Bowl are basically the evil ones. Except elves. I don't like them either. What I do like in the game is chaos and death. Anything undead, skaven, nurgle and specifically chaos. Chaos is the right mix of violence and, well, more violence. Nurgle has its moments too

Both have been a bit light on star players and there is only the one, the only one is Borak The Despoiler. I have plans to use one of the spare figures I have as a proxy but it looks like that might not be necessary.

In truth, despite being an iconic character in the game, he is not the most skilled star player out there. Skill is not what he, or the teams he plays for is about (did I mention the thing about the violence). He is however a tough and strong SOB. Knocking him down is a tough prospect.

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Endgame - End Of The Line - No Spoilers

My world is full of disappointment. Many of my long loved IPs have turned on me and left me feeling kind of blue. I'm looking at you Star Wars and Fallout. I guess everything has its time and will eventually fall away and loose it's impact. A few others crap out fairly quickly and some take a decade or more.
I have been following the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Iron Man came out. Although I have not loved every single film they have all been good in their own way. Entropy has been a terrible thing and I was expected it to fail and die eventually.

Last night I went to see Avengers: Endgame. The last Avengers film had set up a high level of expectation for me. I was concerned that the season had peaked too early. Endgame had a lot to live up to and there was obviously going to be a lot to fit in in a short time. Well I say a short time, it was three hours long. With many of the characters dead it was time to see what Disney were going to do. I mean how badly could they screw it up (yes I have seen The Last Jedi and yes that was sarcasm).

So I sat through the trailers wondering how good or bad things were going to be. I had been sat on the fence for a few days before hand.  So there I sat, waiting to find out.

Disappointment was not the word I would have chosen. It was a bit of a roller coaster in fact. The plot was good. the characters were the ones acting like the ones we know and have come to love. Triumph and tragedy is all around. Tony and Steve ae still at loggerheads but they manage to work through it. It almost managed to bring a tear to my eye a few times. It is well worth the money.

The only thing I didn't like was there was no easter egg at the end. I know there is a Spiderman film on the cards (I like the actor and he is the best Spiderman I have seen but it's still Spiderman) but the absence of the easter egg makes me wonder about the future of the franchise. This is more than ten years down the line and the actors may have aged just a little bit but I really love these guys.  I cannot help but think about what comes next and, being a true fan, I worry.

Monday, 29 April 2019

Start Of The Week - Higher Hopes

The painting of 28mm figures is still my life and this week it's mostly focussed on fantasy RPG stuff. As I am about to go to bed I figured that I should post what I am expecting to do this week.
Firstly there are more of the lizardmen I started batch painting last week. There are another 12 on the table which are already petty close to being finished. I expect these to be completed by close of play tomorrow. There is a little more work in most of these as they are all metal figures and they had a lot more detail in them. They are much nicer than the plastic ones. If things go well I might just start off the last twelve and I may even finish them off. These are nice simple figures to paint especially the plastic ones.
Almost two years ago I started painting some black elves. I liked these guys at the time and wanted to get some more so I did at the end of 2017. Although none of these are strictly speaking black elves (I think they are actually high elves) they do actually fit the aesthetic of my Viking game a bit better. Whilst I am not sure about the pointy hats they seem to work with what I want. They are a bit more involved that the lizardmen and will take a bit more effort.

Sunday, 28 April 2019

End Of The Week - Better than expected (37)

It's not been such a bad week for figure painting. Most of what I have been working on for the last three weeks is now done and somenew stuff has made it through to completion. I am not feeling finishing the last two figues off for some reason but I am sure I will get round to them soon enough. I did start the Lizardmen skinks and have finished the first twelve and I have started the next dozen which are well on the way to being finished.

Skinks. There are rather a lot of them and more yet to do. These are a nice easy paint job as they are mostly low detail plastic. There will be more next week and probably the week afte that too. I now really hate turquoise.
This guy is the Frostgrave Snow Troll. He looks better here than he does in real life. I can see a few gaming uses for him so he seemed like a worthwhile project.
These are all Wargames Foundry  Street Violence figures. I got a job lot of eBay more than ten years ago when I was foing a lot of moden role playing. This is a nice range of figures and relatively easy to paint.

More Street Violence figues from the Foundry. These come from a coupleof different sets but as they are all dressed in green this seemed like the place to put them. Thre is no real purpose other than I was tired of them sitting there.
 Artizan designs is where I got these cowboys from. Thy have just been sat around fo a while, the best part of five years I guess. When I first started painting 28mm figues for the blog I think it was some moe of the figues I got with these. How times fly.
This is really a mixed bag. On the far left is a Frostgrave vampire. I don't mcuh like this figure and I struggled to get him to look right. Second left is a Reaper gladiator whcih I got about fifteen years ago making it the oldest of todays crop. I am not sure about the craz lady on the inner right but I think she came fom Black Tree Designs. On the outer left is the latest of what I have been calling the last of the Viking project. This figure came from Gripping Beast about five years ago when I first started the project off.

There is supposed to be another pictue here but it seems to be having problems loading it up. It's another four Street Violence figures. Some are meant to be members of the A-Team from the eighties which I guess dates the range or at least the designer. he others are just some random figues I got in the bulk buy.

I guess all of the Foundry stuff was set to do double duty for modern and post-apocalypse stuff. On the whole I like thema lot and they fit well with my Copplestone stuff. Definately more at the heroic end of the market.

Generally I would call this a good week but it has been a grind. The New, New Cruelty is happy enough. In genreal I have been just about okay with what I have achieved this year. I am glad I have almost finished most of what I have set out to do and I am now almost back on track again if not still slightly ahead. Given that I usually class figures like the skinks as half a figure I am still behind (should be closer to 31 and not 37).