Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Another Busy One - Every Day In The Post Apocalyptic World

I have spent most of the day typing and doing stuff around the house. Typing was easy. I am working on some post apocalyptic stuff and, as the post apocalyptic world much more appealing, I will stick with that world.

I watched something about dust storms on the TV the other day. This set me on the road of doing some post apocalyptic environmental effects. A lot of them would be quite portable to other backgrounds. I did a little bit of work for the bestiary. This is the thing with doing design work, everything is interconnect. If you do one bit on something, it begs some work on something else. So the page count gets bigger and bigger. I am quite proud of the work I have done on that and I might put a couple of samples up of the work.

I have eventually got round to doing a bit of painting. Once I had cleaned up my work bench and played about with some greenstuff copying bits of an old paranoia robot which I am going to use in a trash heap, I had time to paint a conjouring table and use some of the left over paint to put some colour on an Imperial Guard/X-Com medic.

Again this has not been my greatest day but I have made some progress. Who needs therapy when you have a blog to write

Monday, 27 March 2017

Spiders Are Done

Anyway I have finished off the Reaper Bones Spider Swarms for Savage Worlds and Dungeon and Dragons. It's good to have something else finished. All the time consuming drying has been done already so it was a fairly quick process.

Maybe I am getting work done because I am naffed off that I am finding the urge to do something. The house is generally never cleaner that when I am naffed off and it is pretty clean today not to mention getting a load of jobs done around the house. The truth is probably that I am a bit naffed off with myself because of what I am doing or not doing. Decisions to be made I think.

I went with brown as the main colour with a little bit of a wash and a highlight. Perhaps it's not as menacing as black but I have just done the beetle swarm in black, blue wash and grey and I didn't want the two  bases turning out like carbon copies of each other (I am not sure that I like the phrase carbon copy any more, it makes me sound older than I feel). When I think back this model this is actually quite a pricey model. £7 of figures and a £1 of bases plus a few bits and pieces. It's certainly the biggest base I have ever used. Now I just need to figure out a way to transport them.

I have also done a bit more written work on some post apocalyptic stuff I have been working on. I have been working on it for a good long time now, you would hope it would be finished by now.

Still, I am tired now.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

A Little Bit Of Work

This is the closest I have come to missing my deadline with only minutes to go before midnight. I have been an hour behind all day  after the clocks went forward last night. That's my excuse and I am sticking with it.

Today was Mother's Day. I got to spend some quality time with my mum which was nice. I am feeling lousey still and my other half is still ill. Not a great recipe for me to get things done. I eventually got everything done at about 9:30 this evening. Rather than reaching for the laptop, which i really wanted to, and instead I went to the paint table. I got about an hour painting up the spider swarm bases and then hitting them with a wash. This was a bit if a wet blend and the overall colour has come out quite nicely. I wasn't aiming to we blend I just ran out of patience. Whilst I was waiting for things to dry I had a play about with some of the scatter terrain I was working on.

I quickly ran out of time as I have to be up in the morning for the school run. Again.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Spider Swarms And Making Progress

I have come very close to missing the post tonight. Having posted at least daily for three months now I really didn't want to miss the deadline. My other half tells me the clocks are going forward as well which really would have cut into me time to post. So I just made the deadline which still counts.

Time is never on my side and I haven't had much time today. My other half has been hit by another illness which has meant she has been out of commission most of the day. Worse still she has needed a huge amount of attention along with family commitments. I did manage to find the time to sleep through two films. No great shakes as I have seen both of them already. This is after another night of sleep broken by outside forces. My current plan is to put the dog on tranquilisers and lock the cat in the kitchen.

Despite all that I have done a bit of work. The spider swarm base and it's two sub bases is just about finished. The texture I have used on the base is now curing and when that is done, I will get it painted. I am still not feeling the love for this model but it has been sat around, in kit form at least, for a while now.

Once I have finished that I have done a bit of policing up of stuff on the desk. I have done some trimming on another one of the X-Com Cyberdiscs and played around with a couple of the cars. Small steps but definitely progress. The blog is helping me focus.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Not My Most Successful Day

I feel like I have spent most of the day battling the NHS. My problem has been I have been stuck with staff sickness (four doctors were off sick today) and the practices exemplary record on safety (they are not going to get sued for negligence but we won't always do what we are supposed to either). Due to privatisation the NHS is no longer able to transfer medical records within a fortnight. Now that Capita are involved GPs are lucky to get medical records withing six months if they do indeed arrive at all.

I have spent over four hours today trying to get her prescriptions. It reminds me of the last week of my fathers life when I spent seventeen hours correcting the thirteen separate mistakes made by the same doctor like prescribing 100 times the lethal dose,not signing the form, not dating the form, not proving enough doses and of course prescribing drugs that the NHS and the suppliers no longer seem to have in stock in this country.

So here is hoping that Saturday will be a better day.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

End Of The Swarm

I think this is just about finished. Add some more highlighting, a little more texturing and a bit of flock later and this is about it. It looks okay to me.
Looking back at the process I think I got things pretty much right. Maybe I could have built the lip up around the smaller bases a bit more. If I had a laser cutter I would probably cut out to layers of thinner MDF. If I was more into playing D+D I would probably made a couple of 25mm/1" bases in the gaps. This would allow the D+D bases to be made up of 1" bases so that it could morph shape.
With a 28mm X-Com trooper for scale
The next task is probably going to be making the next swarm base which is spiders. I have said a couple of times that I am not so struck by the models. This is kind of putting me off the idea but I have already half started the base. I am still looking for some Reaper Bones rats but I am guessing that I will have moved on to something else.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Swarms Again

Today has been hard work but at the eleventh hour (well the tenth hour to be accurate) I decided that I had to do something. This is probably down to the power of the blog. If I am going to post every day then I should have something to post especially as I figured that tomorrow is going to leave me a little bit discouraged.
I looked back at yesterday's post and I think I have achieved everything I thought I would but nothing more. Actually thinking about it I added an extra step. I didn't think I was going to like the end result on the bugs so I decided to give them a blue ink wash hoping that it will give them a bit more depth of colour.

I was hoping for a good nights sleep. The situation has conspired against me and now it's an early start followed by a long day. It looks increasingly like I am not going to get much done tomorrow. I hope that is not the case.