Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Derelict Is Looking Worse

Well the derelict is moving on, slowly. Time has been a bit short, but I have had some time today to sit in front of the work bench. I am kind of kicking myself at the moment as I have started a project that I know that I can't finish right now. The outside needs something to looking like rendering and the two things I can use, I can't find. I have had to do a few changes from what I originally planned. First I have extended the ground floor walls in two places so that there is something their to support the ceiling. I have also added a first floor. This is partly aesthetic and partly structural.
 I thought I would put a figure in to give the picture some perspective. The plan now is to do some internal painting, weathering and just generally improve on the derelict feel. I have a few bits to do away from this but I am running out of prime projects and even projects that I would class of new at the top of the list are hard to find. I may have to do some major moving of boxes up some boxes that I was hoping to keep sealed up. The other alternative us that I might go to a show at the weekend and spend some of my money Lets hope something will turn up.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


I have had a bit more time today but I have been dependant on glue drying so I haven't donr that much. The objective for the day was to get the block work of the roof done. I haven't got as much done as I would like. That said it is starting to take shape and it will turn into something worthwhile. Pity it's such an ugly duckling a the moment. I plan to make a space in the roof where it has completely collapsed so that there is a space for a few figures to stand up. So I have put some floorboards in. I don't want to put too many in as I have a really limited stock of them at the moment. I'll use some stirrers to make the eaves. Then I'll cover that in mounting card and then use thin card to do the roof tile.

The fact that I haven't made a lot of progress today is really my fault as I have mad a few mistakes. The biggest was putting the base of the roof upside down which meant there was not covered of some of the extension. This took a bit of time but at least the glue hadn't dried when I realised what I had done.

So I have been able to put right but others have proved impossible without starting all over again which is something that I am not prepared to do. The house is supposed to look rough so I am not that bothered.
It will look okay when it's finished. All I need is some more time, sand, stirrers, fence panels, flock, foliage, imitation water and a dozen bits of clutter. All of them (except the time) are stuff in boxes which I can't find, so I guess there might be a pause coming up.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Derelict

I haven't had too much time to myself today but I have spent what I had wisely. One of the things I have managed to get hold of was coffee stirrers. Thank you Cafe Nero. So I have put them to use and put in some floorboard and window frames. Amongst that I have added a little bit more rubble and ruin.

One of the problems with doing you own buildings is getting the proportions right. These are not architectural models so there is no need to make them too accurate. I find a problem with doorways. I would like the door to be able to fit a figure base through it. In order to get doors to look in proportion, the bases one have to be about the size of a penny which is not good for the figures. So instead of making the walls 50cm high I settled on a doorway too narrow for figures to pass through

I had another think about how the buildings should look. I am moving towards the idea of derelict buildings and communities rather than ruins. I want overgrown and crumbling rather than blow up and devastated. So I go back to what I know. I search the internet for ideas as you would be surprised how few derelict buildings there are in leafy suburbia.

Although I am a Brit, a lot of the games I have been involved in are set in America. This is not always down to American cultural imperialism but because there are many great stories to be told in America. It is also home to many ghost towns which look exactly like what I am after in this game.
I am also looking at overgrowth. Waist high grass and head high shrubs are what I am looking for. Whilst the plants have taken over the long grass is home to many dangerous creatures. I keep thinking about Jurassic Park 2 and 3.

What is the everyday today, will still be there in the world overgrown. The old world is still there but often it is just hidden away behind trees and under ivy. Trees may also be a  place to find the things you need to live. There have to be reasons to venture out into the wilds or the games will be very short and very dull.

Monday, 13 October 2014

The Walking Dead Season 5

Well it's back.  It goes to prove that the real problem with this world will never be the zombie it'll just be people. The season starts well and without going into too many details, it is exactly what I was expecting as a follow on from last season. No Beth Jerky just yet although you will find that there are a couple of ideas for those of you who might want to be considering a career change to butchery. The episode really kept me sat there focussed on the screen for the whole of the show. Not quite enough to make me a vegetarian but pretty close.

If you were looking for bad guys for your game, this is a good place to look for ideas.

A New Post Apocalypse

I have had an idea in my head for a while. I watched a film about seven years ago called Origins: Spirits of the Past. I don't mind a bit of anime as long as there are not too many tentacles. I saw it on a monitor in a Virgin Superstore which should date it a bit. I just fell in love with the look. The apocalypse in this case was plants taking over. Then I read a roleplaying game called Summerland. Very Indie, more about the story. Less about dice and not very figure friendly. The game I am planning is not really either of these but I guess there will be elements of them in there somewhere.

What I was going to do was take the figures from Scavenge Skirmish Survive which are all outdoors types and some fantasy figures and make into something that would fit into the wild woods. This means moving into 28mm buildings which is not something I have done for a while.

The world as we know is now covered with trees. So houses are ruined, building collapse, roads are overgrown and wild things run around the woods. The look is similar to Stalker. I can also see things like the surface in Metro 2033, I am Legend (but with more ruin and trees) or The Last Of Us.
So I want so terrain to reflect that. This is not the kind of thing that is easy to find. So I thought I would do my own. This is the first one.
There is a lot to do on his one, not least it needs to be fastened to a board. I have decided to use a standard sized board which will be cut down from something that I found in B+Q (which I will get a picture of eventually).

Friday, 10 October 2014

Odd Little Things

I used to go to a lot of wargame shows. These days, not so much. Most of the time you see just exactly what you would expect. Every now and again you see something that makes you think you've picked the wrong scale. Well maybe for a minute. Angel Barracks is one of those manufacturers.
These were a bit of an impulse. They are called Drill Worm Nests according to the website. I didn't have a clear of what to use them for at the time. In truth I guess I still don't but they look scary enough to make the players think twice about going anywhere near them. They look nicely alien so maybe it's some sort of infestation or maybe something like  shrieker mushrooms from the back of beyond. Maybe something for the X-Com wargame or the Fallout and modern horror RPG games that I run.

They are notionally 6mm figures but I can see uses for them in 15mm and maybe even larger scales.

So I am working through the resin mountain. I am picking my way through what I can find to do. I am now scratching my head wondering what I can do next.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Bob's Iguana Bits

I was looking up stuff to do for Fallout. Images of the web are a great source of ideas. In the original Fallout game there was a stall called Bob's Iguana Bits, the brain child of Iguana Bob Frazer. Bob was actually selling chunks of human, not exactly the food of choice, even in the wasteland.

So I thought I'd do this. It took about twenty minutes of work, not a huge job but I am looking for something to do and I had the bits to hand. It will do as a little bit of table scatter. It's a little bit tall but close enough. If I was going to do any more, I think I would make them a little shorter.