Thursday, 25 May 2017

FabLabs And Building Walls

I spent a good chunk of my evening at the FabLab. Much as I like everything to do with tabletop gaming, I do like making more practical things. The FabLab is a bit like my dream shed only it has even more toys.There is even a forge although I am not sure I have a great use for it.

Anyway, I will post again with some images of what I have done tonight and a bit more of an idea about what I have been doing. Tired now so off to bed.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

The Joy Of Pets

I spent much of yesterday and today working on stuff for the business I am about to set up. I have learnt but seem to keep forgetting an awful lot of stuff about CorelDraw. When it comes to laying out a template for a laser cutter it seems to be second to none and then there are a load of skills I can use for other tasks. One thing I seem to fail to comprehend about the programme is how temperamental it seems to be.

Being tempermental is not normally a problem. Today however as I was transferring some documents around the dog knocked the laptop. I am not sure what happened but CorelDraw stopped working and all the files I was transferring just disappeared. All my work for the last three days is gone. A lot of the time spent was spent on learning how to do things, so that is not time wasted. These skills are now allowing me to do things again at a much quicker rate so I have got about half of it done already. The logo is lost, apart from the bitmaps I saved but I am hoping that I should be able to recreate these with relative ease.

Tomorrow is the big day. If I can get my ideas off the computer and onto the laser cutter at the Fab Lab tomorrow afternoon then when I get back I am ordering the laser cutter and the wood and hopefully by the beginning of next week I should be making a limited production run to see how things are going to work out. Then it's on to buying the stationary and some acrylic, not to mention setting up a bench in the garage so work can begin in earnest.

The dog on the other hand has a few days of sleeping and eating cat food ahead of it assuming I don't kill it first.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Manchester Bombing

I used to live ten minutes walk from where a terrorist killed himself and twenty two others, many of which were kids. This not to mention all the injured. Terrorists attacks are a hideously bad thing no matter what is going on but to target a concert which is really only going to appeal to kids and young girls, to me that is a new low.
I went through two bombings in the city when I lived in the area and was mercifully nowhere near what was going on either time. The arena where it happened was a place I used to go every few months at one point and the railway station it is part built on top of, well I used to use that station every working day so I guess  I have been within fifty meters of the spot well over a thousand times. A friend of mine who passed a few years ago used to have a flat in a block adjacent to the arena.

Although it has been a few years since I lived in the city there is a part of me that calls this place home. This event has deeply saddened me in a year that has not been full of a lot of high points.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Busy Day - Working On Designs

I have spent a bit of time today on what I laughably call product development. This has been mainly working out costings. More along the lines of what it will cost to produce something, wrap it up and put some packaging on it. So all in all a pretty dull day.

I haven't gor anywhere near the painting bench today. All day I can feel it calling me, Sadly i have been busy and tired. So tired that it looks like it's an early night for me. And speaking on which.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

End Of The Week

Another week has gone by and not much painting done. I have managed to do some painting today but my focus has been elsewhere most of the day. The painting that I did do cam as something as a relief and if I didn't need to go to bed now I would still be painting. I like the look of the figures, on line at least but up close there is a lot of flash on them. Come to think of it there is a lot of flash on most of them. for the most part though, the mould lines are pretty limited and easy to get rid of. I am pretty sure that I will finish them this week and hopefully a few more besides. I have a few easy figures to paint and a few that are part done so maybe I can catch up.

What I have been doing is working on business ideas. I have now done about three interactive courses on setting up a bussinnes and a basic accountancy course. Getting advice is proving to be a slow process. I am thinking that by the time I have set the thing up and operating for six months I might start getting the advice I need. Whilst doing some research online I have seen something that I think I can use as a really good idea.

I have reworked the logo last night after going to bed. My IT and graphic design skills have improved a lot over the last year or so. Oranage apparently is my signature colour. When I was researching logos it came across as the colour to choose, apparently it has the right mental associations. Craftlab might also have the right mad scientist vibe.
 What do you think? Any suggestions or ideas would help.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

FabLabs And Gnolls

FabLabs and gnolls is not my latest idea for a roleplaying game but it does some up my day. Having had a busy morning I was ready to get out of the house, desperate might even be a better word. For a while now may practical side has had to take a bit of a back seat. Power tools have been hidden away and I have no where to work anyway. There are no men's sheds in my area and the ones that are there, well I am usually too young to join believe it or not and all the others have fairly restrictive criteria and I just don't fit (apparently  am too normal).

My latest trips round the internet found that there was now a FabLab in my town and today it was open. I have been down there and learnt a few things and will hopefully learn a few more things as the weeks goes on. Power and techie tool heaven. This is really just a way to learn a few things about laser cutting so hopefully I can develop a few new skills.

Having put my focus elsewhere this week I haven't done much painting but I got an hour or so in today. A bit more work on the gnolls that I started at the beginning of the week.

My Excuse Is

For the first time this year a day has gone by without a blog post. I wanted to do this every day for a year at least so I am a little disappointed in myself. That said, I worked hard yesterday and I fell asleep rather than opting not to post. It has been a busy week for me and I guess that I have spent well over forty hours working ion ideas and doing online courses to help me set up a business. This is on top of all the other stuff I have. Thursday was a forteen hour day for me and I haven't worked those kind of hours in ten years.  So excused over with and time to get on with some (more) work.

With a bit of luck I will be off to the local FabLab in a biot and see what I can learn from there.