Saturday, 16 December 2017

State Of The Workbench

Christmas Is Coming is a phrase I use a lot at this time of year along with Dashing Through The No. It's a busy time, especially as I am mid health kick, so I haven't had a huge amount of time to spare. That said it's been a reasonably productive week.
On top of the painting I have been doing some prep work. The Rangers, mostly to the left in the picture are planned to become robbers and brigands. Along with a few thieves, these should make a nice opfor. There are five space dwarves. These will eventually become good guys and maybe PC for Titansgrave. The aliens that look like a smaller version of Genestealers are also being prepped for Titansgrave. I can see a campaign based around them. I can see them becoming an alien race for the sci-fi wargame Future War Commander. There are some old GW skinks which are planned to be lizardmen. The plan for all but the dwarves is to give the a fairly tabletop standard paint job. Simply quick and easy.

There is a lot of part finished figures as well and some terrain. Whilst I have worked on the terrain this week, I haven't finished any if it. I have also worked
on a rat swarm base but that's not on the picture.

Next week is going to involve a lot of sand, glue and primer.

Friday, 15 December 2017

Workbench Space?

There is something about my current workbench that I hate. I can't quite put my finger on it but maybe that is because there is so many things wrong with it. It's too small, it's to dark, it's too deep, there is not space for a cutting mat, I can't get any more light into it, the storage space around is difficult to access and there is just not enough of it to name but a few.

At the moment there is the chance I could have a five foot by two foot workbench in the garage. The down sides with this is that this is pretty much all the space I would have and right now, and for most of the year it would a little bit chilly.

Every now and again I work on a design for a workbench. Like most of us what I would really like is a games room with a bit of workshop space. Well maybe a lot of workshop space. As well as being a gamer I am a bit of a tinkerer and I like to make things out of wood using big big power tools. So space for that would be good.

SO WHAT I AM ASKING IS does anybody have any good ideas about designing a work area/gaming area?

Thursday, 14 December 2017

River Troll

This uncommonly large beastie has been my main focus today. I am not really sure what he is meant to be in my games but According to Reaper he is a Marsh Troll. I don't have a clear purpose for him in the Viking game but I can see him as a Mutant in the Underground game. He is still work in progress. there is some highlighting left to do and some details to touch up (the teeth look pretty grim in the picture). I plan to do a water effect on the base but I am going o test this out on another base before trying it out for real.

I kept finding myself getting distracted again today. On top of painting this big guy, I think I have worked on another dozen miniatures. Nothing major, just tidying up. I have also moved into to doing some basing prep. I have gritted about twenty bases and attached another twenty to bases prior to gritting.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Painting Handle Vs Paint Pot Handle

For a while now I have been using paint pots as a base for my figures whilst painting them. It makes the painting process much easier. It keeps my fingers off the figure I'm working on, especially the head. You can get better angles with the brushes with a figure on top of a paint pot.

For  preference I use the older GW paint pots (pictured below). At one point I used to turn them upside down as the lip around the base of the pot fits around a 2p base quite nicely. I did try corks and bits of wood, maybe ten years ago but these didn't really seem to work. Unless you are the kind of painter that pins figures to bases corks do not seem to work so well. Bits of wood did not seem to do much at all.
It's big
Over time I have made up quite a sizable collection of empty of empty GW pots. At any one there are probably forty pots on the workbench. Of course you have to add plenty of Blue Tac and this needs to be replaced every now and again. Blue Tac, being what it is, is not especially tacky and things will fall off if you don't press them down hard enough and even then, they can still fall off.
About a 20mm base
The painting handle has a lot more positive pressure on the base. I could see a figure being knocked out of it but is seems unlikely that it would just fall out. It's a good size to fit in your hand and is a little more comfortable to hold. It has more heft to it with a fairly balanced centre of gravity. This extra weight might not be so good if you have to hold on to it for  a few hours.
And this one is about 50mm
All in all the painting handle is pretty good. I've had a go painting with it and it works well. In the round, the handle beats a paint pot every time but only just by a fraction. In the round, paint pots are free (well kind of) and the painting handle costs £5. To my mind, if you are the kind of painter who focuses on quality not quantity (really not me) or concentrating on a single figure then this is a worthwhile investment. If you are painting an army in a batch of ten figures or more, I am not sure that you would want to be buying ten of these or swapping the figure out every time.

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Undead Of Some Sort

I've had another go with the inks today and have all but finished off what I started yesterday. These are some more Frostgrave figures. I am not sure what I will use the for. Mostly, I have selected them to paint because they have been hanging around, primed and based for about two years now. They also seemed like a good choice to try the inking things on.
Still a few more details to finish on them, especially on the faces but they are pretty much done.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Hill Or Frost Giant

I think I got this guy from Northstar as part of the Frostgrave range when it came out. It's not the biggest giant miniature I posses but he is nicely posed and has what I consider a very giant like face.

This week I thought I'd try out a few techniques that are new to me. One of the things I came across lately was to use washes as the main paint. It does work for all colours, especially on bigger areas and it seems to work better on grey. The colour on the base is the one I started with. Obviously on black you are not going to see it and on white it's going to be a bit too translucent but maybe that's not a bad effect either.

The skin and the fur are essentially washes which have been highlighted. The flesh has worked out very nicely and the fur is not too shabby either. The white hair and anything that is brown has had some paint and I think I gave the head of the axe a different colour of grey than the rest of it.

My plan is to try this out on a few other models. If it works this should speed things up a lot. This giant took about an hour which is pretty good for a bigger model.

Sunday, 10 December 2017

End Of The Week - Dark Age Men In Black

It's been an odd week for me but I have in the end reached my goal and then some so The New Cruelty is happy. You might have noticed from some of my posts it's not been the happiest week of my life. As I didn't start painting until Thursday I am prey happy.

My usual goal is five figures per week and despite not starting until Thursday I was pretty confident I cold handle ten figures in all. Given that they were men in black and they were spray painted black, there was always going to be a limit to what was needed. There are still a few bits and pieces that need doing but these are mainly required on the shields which I don't normally include within my challenge for the week.

the shield are white for a reason. In the plan, these guys have white shields. If I do plan to change the shields in the future, white is a could undercoat for shield transfers which is what I would probably use.

As I mentioned yesterday I have done a fair bit of work on one of my RPG backgrounds. Whilst this strikes me as a project that is destined never to be finished it is approaching a more acceptable state of incompleteness.

As usual I have no idea what I want to paint next week. There is nothing obvious in the queue. There is plenty of The Walking Dead stuff to do but I am not feeling and all the other stuff is odds and sods or stuff that has big gaps in the figures available (like the Blood Bowl Skaven Team for instance). I have some bigger figures to do and some swarm bases to finish off so I might get to that instead. Come to think of it there is a few of those that need attending to. I have been putting this off because I have nowhere to put them when they are finished. Sadly the weather is looking cold so I doubt I can do any more priming any time soon or I would move on to some other Titansgrave figures I have been planning in doing.

And speaking if The New Cruelty I had another look at what I actually wanted to do. When I looked at it again last week I recalled that I had told myself that I was going to take some exercise. So I ordered myself a Fitbit/ I haven't worn a watch in years so just the feel of the thing is odd. It is however having a positive effect already. Hopefully what get too Bridget Jones's Diary on you but maybe I will start thinking about it more often/