Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Damn Dog

Today has been a bit of a slow day. I am blaming the dog. Every time I got of the couch the dog was jumping around. Despite talking her for a walk, feeding her, giving her bonus snacks and playing with her chew toy, she would not leave me alone. The only peace I have had has been when I was on the sofa. It i obviously not because I have lost my mojo

I did manage to do some stuff with the terrain I have started. This mainly involved painting the packaged containers I started playing about with the other day. I also had a go at gluing some small pipes together. As the pipes are made from biros bits, the ink went everywhere. Then I moved on to the cars. This is turning into a major project. The plan is to turn some into police cars. A German one, and American one and a British one. SO I put some masking tape on them in preparation.

So as I have been stuck on the sofa with the dog welded to my thigh. This has meant that I been playing games. I am now finally downloading Conan Exiles. Survival crafting games seem to be my current thing.

Monday, 20 February 2017

A Not So Busy Day

I never had high hopes for today. I was always going to have a lot on during the day and Monday evening is my gaming night. I have been after some wire drums and was struggling to find something that was the right size and fairly inexpensive. In the end I have decided to make some out of round wooden bases. So I did a bit of engraving and now I need to find something to act as the spindle as what I had in mind at the time turned out to be way too big so I need an alternative. Other than the game this evening, that was about it other than a quick tidy up.

The evenings game was fun. Plenty of zombies to kill and a puzzle to solve. The cornerstone of a good RPG.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Another Busy Day

Although I feel that I haven't had that much time today, it seems that I have done a fair amount of work. Having had a terrible nights sleep it was really late when I got up. I woke up in the middle of the night and had a dizzy spell and almost fell out of bed. Then my uncle brought some books back and I took my mum out. On the plus side I got some cheap gloss spray paint which I used to spray some more of the cars. Now I have stripped all the labels off the cars I now have. I still think I need some more of those plastic cars. This may become a habit. I can see another three or four boxes of the cars arriving before the week is out.

Then I got round to filling some holes in the roof of the cars. Then I found out I had some left over greenstuff so I ended up using that on some Lizardmen for Titansgrave and an Reaper bones frost giant. I really thought I was going off target so I got back to the scatter terrain which, for the most part, is now finished. I found some more pipe sections when I was cleaning up the bench so I had better get them done soon.

Now I am working on some more scatter terrain. I am doing some tree trunks, probably better that I show them when they are done. It will look better when you see the final concept. I did a bt of painting of some of the scatter terrain that is already in the queue. Then I thought about some model brick piles I saw so I thought I'd have a go at them. These are still to wet to handle so I will take a picture of them when they are closer to being finished. It's just a foamcore topper scores to look like bricks with some more layers of foamcore to give it the look of having layers. then I got on to the idea of having some packaged items that are covered with tarpaulin. For both I used kitchen roll. I am hoping that the texture of the paper will be noticeable when they paint dries. These will do for a variety of game environments and even genres.

So all in all, not a bad day. I am driven to do the blog at the moment which is driving me to do the work. I have posted every day for almost two months now. If I keep that up, I will have posted as many times this year already as I did in the whole of last year. I would like to make this the big year for the blog so I want to post as many times as I can and hopefully beat my posting record. That would take at least another two months of posting at this frequency. I am about to hit five hundred posts which seems like a good milestone to be hitting and my hits seem to be healthy too.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Life Mocks Me

Having had such a great day yesterday has meant that there had to be some payback. The low point being treading in a dog t%*d that fell off the dog as it walked in. Although I did get a shed load of stuff done this morning, my output has dwindled a lot this afternoon and evening. There was a lot of spray painting. The smell has stuck with me all day.

So when I got up it was raining. So I the first thing was to starting putting some more laser cut stuff together. My plan is still to work some more of the X-Com plan. Terrain is obviously featuring highly as I want to have a number of terrain environments for the players to run around in. these are going to be roughly based around the X-Com game. The first one is looking like the building site. An urban site, maybe a high street is probably next. After that will be a UFO. So the next bit I am working on is a few bits for that.
The power cores I have talked about before. The control panels are new. The plan is to give me a range of options. Smaller ships will probably only have one with larger ships having multiples. There are plenty of more options.

After that I have sprayed some of the car bodies. I have a few more to do but I really need some more colours. I got hold of a green and yellow really cheaply when one of the local B&Qs closed down. So a red, shiny white, blue, silver and a shiny black would be nice but that might be a bit costly. I might also get even more of the cheap plastic cars.

Then it started raining again so it was back to the laser cut scatter terrain. I glued together some space age cargo pods. I striped a few more cars of their sticky labels. This really does take an age. Another plan is to cut up some branches to use as trees. Some will do for tree stumps, some as fallen trees but I am hoping most will end up as trees. I was playing a game on Monday where the guy placed some trees. I was looking at the scale of them an is was all wrong. Tree trunks should be a lot wider, especially if you want to hide behind them. Real trees, in the main, have enough space to walk under. So I figured if I got a branch into two inch sections and glued it to a base, this would look good enough for what i wanted. Then a bit of work on the building site terrain. this is nearly finished so I hope they will be finished by close of play tomorrow.

Now it's time for bed. If I want to get anything done tomorrow, I'd better get to bed.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Early Post

After not feeling too well, I started having a go at stuff on the workbench again. I am still really just messing around. I did some more pallets out of matches and coffee stirrers. I now have a good pile of the things which supply my immediate needs. I thought I wasn't going to need so many, then I saw a pile of pallets whilst playing X-Com 2 on Thursday.
So I got on to do a few more bits. then I had the idea to play around with some of the trucks I got. I showed one of these the other day and I now have three of them. So I decided to do a stretch body with one of them. This required what was on the back of two of them to be chopped up and stuck together to form a longer bed and chopped up the body of one of them so that I could put the wheels in the right place. I am wondering of it should have another set of wheels but too late now.

Then I strengthened the body with coffee stirrers (not my first choice but it was what I could find). Looks a bit odd now but will be unnoticeable when it's painted. The bed was left a little uneven so I thought I should put a bed on them. The plan is to use it as a terrain feature so an even surface for figures to climb on was important. More coffee stirrers and a bit of green stuff and here we are. All it will need is a bit of a finish on the greenstuff when it dries to smooth it off. If there are anymore gaps, the primer will hopefully sort them out.

Most immediately this is for the X-Com game. That said, this vehicle should do fine in anything modern or near future, especially zombie related.

With Added Stream Of Unconsciousness + Some Terrain

I was feeling great. Less dizzy and running around getting things done despite a bit of a wobble earlier. For the first time in a while I am more or less being left around. Everyone is out or in their rooms. Time to get something done. In pretty short order I started feeling dizzy so I have stopped again until I feel a bit better. It's looking like YouTube for me for a couple of hours at least.
So I thought I would do some of the laser cut terrain I got. rather than just pictures of what I had, I thought I would put them together. So I started with the park benches. They are by far the easiest build to do. They fit together well and look good when put together. They are now in in the primer queue.
The US post boxes are not complicated but a bit more fiddly to do. Although I want plenty of scatter terrain, I will probably only do one as expected. The other will either be a post-apocalypse slightly damaged one. I am sure it would fit in with the Fallout vibe. Or, I could give it a different paint job rather than the standard blue. Some older post boxes were blue and red, I think and I have even seen a picture of one painted up as R2D2 so they could look like anything. Although they are listed a possibly being bins, I have a different idea for them. Looking at the completed model makes me think I should fill in some of the gaps over the top at the back. 

Inner Ear

I have woken up feeling lousy again. So far, I have had a couple of wobbles already. When I got up I had the urge to play Fallout for a bit but this triggered the first of the wobbles. At the moment I an guessing I won't be doing too much moving around today. This is a bit of a problem as I am going to be on my own much of the day. On the bright side, maybe this means I can sit at the bench for the day.

I am tired of stripping cars so I am going to get on with something else. Terrain maybe?