Thursday, 18 January 2018

Making Progress Again

This feels like a day I have made some progress, not just miniature painting but in the real world as well. A few little bits and pieces of conversation has made the day better.

With today's painting I am almost at the stage where I can start doing the ink washes. I doubt much is going to get done tomorrow as I will be out in the evening enjoying myself but hopefully Saturday and Sunday will see me getting these figures all done.
Next week is now looking like more recent bad news is about to catch up with me. Whilst I suspect that I will be posting as much as usual, it is looking like I won't be at home. For some reason life has sought to give me two funerals to go to, one half way across the country and the other half way across the continent. This getting old and being an adult thing really sucks some days.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Ridden Hard And Put Away Wet

28mm miniature painting is still a priority but maybe a little less so at the moment. My current exercise regime has seen me walk about six miles in the rain today. The phrase ridden hard and put away wet is not all that far from the truth. Still the exercise regime is having great results.
I've done a little bit more painting today in between all the other stuff that is going on. Not a huge amount of progress but I am heading in the right direction. I can see me doing some more work tomorrow with a good chunk of time available on Saturday and Sunday so I am hopeful that things are going to get done. I have glued a few more of the next batch together which is nearly all I need to do this week. Hopefully the weather will relent long enough for me to get them primed.

Hopefully playing a board game on Friday in Chester. The last time I was in Chester with this friend was a very good night out although I am hoping that this will have a more entertaining outcome.

Chaos Cultists Looking Less Chaotic

Still on the subject of Games Workshop Chaos Cultists, they are a little closer to completion today and there are a few more in the way. A sense of of an overall colour scheme is starting to come together and, although there is still work to do, they are beginning to look like what I was hoping for.
More GW Chaos Cultists
I have been thinking about making them look a little more like something that will fit into the X-Com game. Some of the figures have military style uniforms. Although I wanted basically a desert look for them, all brown is going to look somewhat dull. So a bit of green and blue will be thrown into the mix.

I have another eight of them in various stages of completion and these are what I would like to finish next week. One of them has a missing weapon and the hands to hold it. This will be a bit of a cobble but at least it will be different. Given the weather, I am not sure when I am going to get them primed.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Chaos Cultists Or Just Another Set Of Generic Bads Guys

Yesterday was not been a bad day as far as figure painting. There has been some actual painting. I started out with five figures which has turned into ten. The plan is still to get five done this week but hopefully I will get close to having the other five complete.
These figures look pretty good on the screen when you see them. Up front they are a little harder to paint. They would be better if they were a bit more generic something along the lines of what you get with the Imperial Guard.

Having done a lot of work with inks in the last few weeks I have gone back to something more conventional. The flesh has a little bit of a sickly green mixed in. This was deliberately not mixed very well to give the skin a slightly blotchy look which seems consistent with what these figures are about. If I manage to get a wiggle on I will give some of the figures camouflage  schemes especially on the legs.

The plan is that these figures are all going to look vaguely like they are in desert gear, with a few exceptions in the colour palette to make them more interesting. My view is that this will work with the ideas I have for their use. My ideas for Titansgrave make me think the world is mostly desert. My post apocalyptic worlds are fairly dusty and definitely not green. The only place where they might be out of play is X-Com but this probably isn't going to be such a big issue.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

It's That End Of The Week Time Again

Well I have finished all the figures I have started this week. Only three of them so The New Cruelty id not happy. Still it was three more than last week. This is the necromancer for my Viking Game
I might have to take a better picture to show off some of the details
The general idea was to make them look similar but different. The slightly decomposed version has had a dry-brushing with the same color as the skin to give is a fairly unhealthy tone. Similarly the skeletal version has had a dry-brushing with a bone colour. The bases have gone through a similar process.

Next week's five figures are going to be some GW chaos cultists. Not that I have any use for them as 40k cultists. These are likely to be used as part of the Titansgrave, X-Com and possibly post apocalyptic games like Fallout. I am pretty confident that the five will get finished and I am tempted to do another two just to get my totals up to ten so at least I will have hit the target twice.

Fantasy Necromancer Miniatures Are Fun

Fantasy miniatures are still my thing this week and this Necromancer, I call him Vetis Bane, is a pivotal character in the legends that hold my dark age fantasy world together. I have talked about the miniatures and the ideas behind in a few places on the blog already, such as here and there. Given that things have been a little slow this evening, I have had a chance to get some stuff done as well as some time away with friends. Note To Self: This was a very good weekend.
So I am still largely working with inks, certainly for the main blocks of colour. Obviously, some of the details have to have some colour before they get a wash. One of the reasons is that the palette of colours that I have in ink is pretty limited and I find it difficult to mix them together consistently. The effect on the clothing isn't half bad. There is still a bit of work to do on them but as it has been a busy week, I suspect that these three will be the only ones  to get fully finished this week.

The figures are almost all Northstar apart from the most human head, which is Westwind. I think I am right in say that all the Northstar parts come from the Cultist box. It seemed the most obvious choice for the parts as it covers all the bases when it comes to poses and states of decomposition although possible some GW parts would have been okay as well.

My posts have been a bit thinner on the ground this month. Whilst I was managing a post a day almost all year (and on aggregate, more than that for the year) January is proving to be a very busy month. I am not sure how and why that is, apart from the exercise but it is proving to be fun

Thursday, 11 January 2018

End Of The Week That Wasn't

Well the end of the first week of the year arrived a good few days ago now. Another year over and a new one just begun etc, etc. Even tho I missed my deadline, I thought I should post something. This blog is as much for me as to use as a reminder as it is for everyone else to read. So in light of that, I have been trying to work on my goals for the year. The figure painting has been a bit limited but I have played game this week and worked on some other game projects, but other stuff seems to have gotten in the way. An awful lot has kept me from the bench this week but the kids are back in school and things seem to be returning to something like normality.

Despite that, the work I am doing on my health has increased. I have managed to break my distance record by three days running and have gone from 17000 steps to just over 25000. According to the Fitbit, I have just had my first 5000 calorie day