Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Army Of The Dead Part 3

I have finished the twelve Army of the Dead figures I got on eBay. I thought I'd post them alongside the ones I have already done. These followed the same pattern as last time. They were a quick easy paint job. The highlighting gives them a nice ethereal feel.
 Hopefully, they will be strong enough on the table to give the players something to worry about.
Having spent a lot of time on line last night, I thought I would make today a quick post and hopefully spend some time painting tomorrow. I might have a play about with the Kobolds you can see in the background but I also want to move on to finishing the scenery that I started a few months back. I always have some more civilians to paint. It being a Viking game, I have a few armed peasant Saxons to paint so that they can go raiding if they want.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

2300: Trouble On Beowulf

Three posts in one day. I must be doing something wrong. Last night was Mark's 2300 at the club and an enjoyable bash it was.

One of the things I like about hard science fiction is that the planets, even the habitable ones, are pretty unpleasant places to be. Beowulf is probably not a place to go on holiday. I don't see many all inclusive package deals being set up. Assuming the resident life forms which are big and lethal, don't eat you, the weather, including twelve meter high tides don't drown you, it will be the five day, days that send you barking.
The ESA have sent us there and we are waiting for our ride. Just whilst we happen to be at a lose end we are sent into the middle of nowhere to go and look at something that crashed there. We are not the only ones. The French (bad guys in 2300, but not as bad as the Chinese, or was it the Americans? Things are a little ambiguous from the point of view of a Brit) in the form of some militia, who are not local and in British territory, have come looking for what we are looking for. Which is a French, Military surveillance satellite. These are illegal after a planetary treaty. When we found it, it had a bomb in it and some unknown alien technology, probably Kafer (the real enemy).

Anyway, we come to blows with the French and an APC. So whilst me and and the rest of the team start shooting at the enemy Dave's character (an Anglo Danish Marine Lieutenant with the same level of education as a tapioca root) jumps on top of the APC and shoots the gunner and causes the driver to crash.

All in all a good firefight, I've nominated the marine for a medal and of course we have managed to annoy a lot of people despite saving the day, again. Thanks to my huge medical skill, everyone made it through and get some damage back.

Next week, our ship will arrive to pick us up and we will see where that takes us.  

Jokes Can Get You Into Trouble

My other half just asked me how I was going to commemorate our anniversary. Now I'm not sure that we actually have an anniversary. So when she asked me again, I made some off the hand comment that I couldn't commemorate our anniversary as tesco wouldn't sell me more than 32 asprin. For some reason, she did not think this was funny.  

Monday, 14 April 2014

Cads Against Matrimony

Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity? If not, go and buy a set, gets some beers in and invite some friends round. Most o the time you will be laughing so hard you will be praying for stronger bladder control. The rest of the time, you will be giggling because it'd just filth.

I've just seen a promo for Cads Against Matrimony. I don't normally push kickstarter but suggest that this page might be worth a look. There is so much I like, I can't risk looking at it.

Two Years Old, 300 Posts And 50,000+ Posts

Well the figures are all about right at the time of posting. I don't usually stick with stuff like blogging for this long but I am still feeling the urge to put something out there so obviously it's having some positive effects and I am still enjoying it. My output still seems to be up as well. I seem to have got the blog on a roll at the moment so I want to keep that going. If you want to help me out give me a plug or better still help me out by giving me a small corner of your favourite blogs. If this doesn't work, maybe I'll try bribery.
I have been as busy painting as time will allow and there is a lot more stuff approaching completion so there should be plenty of content in the next few days and weeks.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Last Saturday And Sundays Dwarves

The dwarves are now properly based. I like the old Grenadier stuff. I might have said that already. They go back to a time which for me was the golden age. That is, I had some money I could afford spend on gaming stuff for the first time. A certain British based company was still producing fantasy figures I could use and the internet wasn't showing me that my painting was terrible every time I logged on.
These are the real deal. Although I now have a lot of Mirliton stuff, I got these cheap on eBay a while back. There are a lot of character poses in the stuff you get as well as a lot of nice rank and file types. there are never enough none human "specialist" types though. the odd wizard, like this one but no obvious clerics or thieves.

Anyway, there is another batch to go yet. I'll post them as soon as I can them done. Don't hold your breath.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Paint Table Saturday - Dead And Wounded - Some Dark Age Types

A paint table Saturday post? This is my first. I am not sure I will be able to stick with this but I guess I will give it a try. I have had a little bit of moral support around this from  the bogosphere, so I figured - what the hell. So I hope the group will accept me. I managed to borrow my other half's phone so the pictures are a bit better that they have been of late. Thanks sweetheart. I am sure I will be able to pay for it later.

I spoke the other dead about doing some casulty figures for the Viking game I have coming. I wasn't sure about doing a proper paint job. It takes a lot of time and I really wanted something that would stick out a bit on the table. So I thought I would try some in shades of grey. I liked the look of some zombies I had seen over at Carmen's Fun Painty Time. So after a couple of test paints I decided I could make it work.
 The figures are made by Warlord Games and Gripping Beast. Strictly speaking, the Warlord games stuff are Celts but I figured that they were close enough. There are a touch cheaper than the Gripping Beast stuff and they make a nice all round look.

The figures are a pretty simple three grey highlights. I think I actually spent more time on the bases. I added a few weapons and shields on some of the repeated figures to give them a bit of a different look. I was quite pleased with the end result and it was a project that was pretty quick to complete.

I have moved on to the next project as well as finishing some of the other stuff I have started. I'll post the pics when I have some more time.