Monday, 2 January 2017

The Golden Orc Award

Not wanting to start a meme but I have found my calling for the year yesterday. I played my first game of Blood Bowl in twenty years on New Years Eve with my nice shiny new figures. In the process I have managed to lose an arm because I hadn't actually glued them together yet. Not quite a Darwin Award but not too good for me as I now have a useless model. Or do I?

Just to seek out a purpose for the year, and the model, I have decided to turn him into a Trophy. The idea is that I will give this award for the dumbest move a gamer has made this year. Nothing too tragic, but the funnier and more cretinous the better.

Spent £500 on figures for an army you bought but will never get round to painting? Left your much loved, pro-painted, award winning, tournament winning army on a train and lost it for good? Accidentally gassed yourself with paint fumes because you forgot to open your window whilst spray painting. Ended up with fewer fingers at the end of the year than you started it with in a hobby knife related incident? Dropped your expensive large heavy duty plastic figure carrying case on your foot and broke three bones? Set fire to your house because you forgot to turn off your glue gun? Well this is the award for you!!!

The orc is going to get painted and based and I will send him out to the best story I have heard at the end of the year.

The Rules
1. It must be hobby related (I'll accepts wargaming, boardgaming, card-gaming, painting/figures and RPGs)
2. It must have happen in 2016/17
3. If you have lost an arm off a figure that isn't funny enough to qualify (sad really, sniff)
4. It can't involve anything illegal (immoral is fine as long as it's funny)
5. It must be true. Pictures would be better, Eye witness reports are even funnier
6. There is no rule six
7. Anything I think of later on

I would like to make this a worthwhile and maybe even annual award. If anyone has something they would like to give as a prize (that is better than a spray painted plastic orc with an arm missing) I will put it as an award. If anyone would like some advertising for their products, donate something, no matter how small. If I get a good response I may do second and third prizes and even some awards for achievement.

Anyone who has any ideas, please let me.

Feel free to re-post this.


  1. I hadn't realised you were still breathing :)

  2. If anyone would have a good disaster story it would be you.

    1. Cheers for those kind words mate of. When I think my greatest game disasters there might be a few people I might put up there :)