Sunday, 22 January 2017

X-Com Leads The Way

At least on the paint table. I have touched up a few of the Blood Bowl orcs today but to be honest, this has been a day that has been focused on the forces of X-Com. They are actually starting to look like they might be acceptable on tabletop. Mostly I suspect this is because I have played about with the bases which always make even a mediocre figure looks better.
There are a few more bits to do on the casualties and zombie but they are mostly done. A bit more detailing on the bases wouldn't go amiss.

I think I have said in the past that I am to paint enough figures to fill a foam tray for each type of figure. This would be about thirty six figures. So the aim was for twenty four soldiers, four teams of six. Five casualties, a couple of pilots, a few officers and a technician or three would be my full tray.

Then I need a tray of of civilian types. Police, casualties, alien fodder would be the main part of the tray. I'd also want some figures for players that don't fight. Scientist mainly maybe a general and some agent types too.

The next tray would be the bad guys. I have sectoids and chrysalids done. I have a plan for the single outsider I need which is going to be a modified tau warrior. Other modified tau warriors will make up the ethereals. Zombies will be more GW soldiers and zombies mixed and matched. Floaters are going to be a bit of a mixed bag. I can see a few ways of doing this. I need at least half a dozen of them so whatever I do it must be repeatable. Drone are looking like the them might be the flying disks used by the tau.

It has been the remaining figures that have caused me to um and err on this one. I am thinking that I should just do the ones of figures I can handle. Worry about the other stuff later.

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