Thursday, 12 January 2017


I have spent the day painting the Blood Bowl Orcs. I am getting closer to having a team done and I am "confident" (subject to change) that I will get the orcs done by the end of the month. I am having fun at the moment. I haven't taken any pictures yet. I was tidying up the work bench and thought I should do something with these ratmen rather than have them gathering dust.
I was working on these miniatures just before Christmas. It proved to be a quick and easy project. I thought that I would put some pictures up of them now, before they get put away until I can spray them.
I think they are from Black Tree Designs now but I think the models I got were actually made by Harlequin Miniatures (I may well be wrong). I have had some for years and found them again at the beginning of last year in a box gathering dust. I got a boxed set donkeys years ago from a shop long since closed down. I had lost a few of them in the mean time so I didn't think I had enough of them so I ordered more and a few mages and clerics besides. Just because.
The pictures are a bit rubbish but hopefully I will eventually find time to update the. I think I should have taken a bit more time with them but I wanted to make sure I posted today just to keep with my goal.


  1. Looking good and suitably 'pack-ish'

    1. Cheers. I got them so long ago that I can only just remember why I got so I am not sure how they ended up on the table.