Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Orcs, Fousands Of Em

Well only twenty actually. It just seems like there are thousands of them. I had another look at what I had done already and decided that they were a little too red. I looked around and most of the pictures I could find showed much more variation on colour. After some thought I decided that it was probably better to repaint the trousers and shirts. Covering a high pigment red with a lower pigment beige took a lot of doing and I guess that even more paint is needed. I guess this means that I am not planning to finish the first batch completely, rather I think I will get a basic paint job done first and then ink them up before highlighting.
I did a bit more detailing on the ones I have started whilst doing the trousers and shorts of the first batch. For the second batch I wanted to get a few basics done. Shadowing and shirts and trousers so far, with the flesh of the black orc blockers, which use a darker skin tone, done too.

I picked the figures that I think I am most likely to use in a team  and selected 3 blockers, 3 blitzers and a thrower as the next painting batch. With these done, I would have a full team with a few basic options. I should get some goblins, just for the sake of completeness. I'm not sure about this as I doubt I would ever use them but it might be fun. I have a troll already but if a new plastic troll comes out then I might get that as I am sure that it might be a better fit. Again I am not a big fan of the larger plays. I would sooner spread the money around by buying better regulars. Ripper might be a better bet, he could double as a regular troll as well.  Varag ghouls is a more likely purchase as there are not too many special players for the orcs.

Whilst I was at the work bench, I did some very basic stuff on the remaining linemen. Blacking the eyes shadows and metal. They are now back in the draw.

I better get a couple of games out of it when I've finished.

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