Wednesday, 25 January 2017

I Was Beginning to Think...

...that I wasn't going to manage to do a post today. It's turned out to be another busy one. Dealing with anything to do with my mum seems to have the adverse effect of proximity to a black hole. One trip becomes three and then the trip today ended up lasting three times as long as I was expecting. Still, I have made her quite happy today and it was worth it just to see the smile on her face and her sat in a comfortable chair at last.

I am supernaturally tired at the moment which isn't helping. There hasn't been any time for painting or anything remotely table top game orientated. I have managed to do a bit of console gaming. I did manage a bit of gaming on the XBOX. I have been playing Homefront 2. It's Red Dawn (the remake) for the console. It has a nicely post apocalypse vibe. It's a low level apocalypse, more of an overwhelming crisis that an apocalypse.

That said the basic premise is a bit ridiculous. North Korea used their high technology edge in the twenty twenties to develop weapons and technology so good that the Americans decided to buy that rather than use the home grown tech (so mercifully Trump can't still be in charge). Then they used a back door to turn off all their tech. I know some say they are supposed to have the largest army in the world (if you include reserves) but to get a big enough force over the Pacific to pacify and occupy the whole of the United States, with a population seven times that of North Korea is a bit of an ask. This is especially difficult to credit when the game is largely about one man taking the whole thing down.

It has given me the urge to do some scenary. I haven't done much 28mm terrain. If I am going to to the X-Com game I want a ix of a nice play mat and some actual (3D) terrain. I have some stuff but I can't help think that more would be better.

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