Friday, 6 January 2017

Blood Bowl Rumours

It seems that I might have been wrong about the goblin team. They might be the next one out on the shelves after the dwarves. This is probably going to coincide with the next Death Zone season book some time around Spring/April. It would follow that all the goblin specials would follow. there is a lot of them if I recall. There is some suggestion that there will be new secret weapons goblins as well
Speaking of the dwarves (and presumably the other stuff that has been seen recently as well) they will probably be out around the end of the month or the beginning of next month. There seem to be some dwarven  star players too.

There is talk of an extra skaven booster pack. If I could I would have picked up two skaven packs yesterday so this might save me some money. There are possibly some skaven star players too.

There was also talk of a skaven/dwarf pitch. Judging by how quickly that one ended up on eBay for £100+, I had better get in there early for that.

I would also guess that the elves are coming. They are in the Death Zone Season One book as are their star players. This is a shame as elves suck :( Others are saying that some of them might even be next year. Some of the figures might be in resin MIGHT be in resin later down the line

Finally the next Death Zone is likely to have the underworld and chaos pact teams and more special play cards have been kind of confirmed.

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