Wednesday, 4 January 2017


My workbench is still tidy. It is probably tidier than it has ever been. Everything is in it's right place. Even my storage draws are in some sort of order. I have even made space for more stuff, should I happen to buy it, ahem. The problem is partly about procrastination. Every time I sit down to do something, something happens to stop me. The phone, my other half, the school run or my mum. I should have plenty of time, as long as I can use that time in five to ten minute slots.

So on the workbench are a few projects. The X-Com figures, still in need of some work but getting closer to being complete. Some rat men, almost done but need a final bit of detailing. Some Titansgrave saurians (converted plastic GW saurus) which are probably going to stay there because I need some more to finish the project. Finally some GW dryads, glued together and based but other than that, nothing done to them.

What should be on the workbench are the new blood bowl figures, some animals for RPG games, "some" Frostgrave stuff and even more stuff for Titansgrave.

I might have a chance to nip out and buy some stuff tomorrow, as if I needed it.

This isn't procrastination, it's planning.

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