Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Renewing The Workbench

The new year is well under way now. Looking forward to getting some stuff done. Before the bench gets covered with stuff I thought that I might work on it a bit to get it up to scratch. Probably just work avoidance. That said, it would be helpful if I could get near my work bench in the first place. I am always tinkering with the bench so I guess this is nothings new.

One of the big problems with this setup is the fact that the second-hand Ikea writing /computer bench is black so lighting it is a bit of a pig. So I have  decided  to make sure that  at least  some of the  area is white. I have tried relfectors at the top in the past which didn't do much good and the stuff on the side used to catch in the table mechanism. So that leaves me with the surface so I think I might try sicking some paper down on it but then I have always intended to paint the whole of the inside white.

I need more light. There is some LED strip lighting which isn't very good. I have a magnifying lamp which is greater and a floor lamp which is the main source of light. The desk is in the living room and my other half does not like the main light on. Space is tight so nothing by the workbench and nothing on the floor so I am hoping that I can find some clip-on lights. Brighter the better (up to a point). Maybe I will make a quick trip into Ikea (despite me not much liking what I have seen online) as I am at bit of a loss where else to go. 

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