Thursday, 31 December 2015

2016 The Plan or It's New Year Again

Well Happy New Year to you all.

I've just looked back thrugh the blog and seen how few posts I;ve done and how little gaming that there was in them. In actual fact there wasn't all that much gaming going on. There was more painting than the blogs shows and I guess I will get round to posting some of that.

I have looked back at last years The Plan. I have managed to do something about most of it. I have cleaned up the table. Most of the odds and sods got cleared up within a few weeks. The American Civil War idea is still rearing it's head from time to time but it has not really surfaced. The English Civil War figures are in a box in the garage and the Witchfinder idea has remained an idea. There have been a few ideas for X-Com but as soon as I realised that a new game was coming out I decided to wait for that to surface. The Scavenges Skirmish Survive range seems to have been available in parts but I want to get everything all at once. The VBCW idea saw me buying some figures. these have made it out of the packaging and into a draw. I have probably overachieved on this goal. There had to be one. I have probably painted about ninety figures this year. The Super hero pile has increased but not by much but I have done some paperwork for this. The WWW2 ideas have progressed and I now have a stack of figures for it in need of painting (some of which are also for the VBCW idea).

So 2016.

This probably going to bea year where there is going to be less painting done but I am hoping to get a bit more blogging done. When I paint something, I am going to make sure it gets on the blog so hopefully the number of posts should go up.

I can see more woodwork than figure painting. As well as a TV stand (for the mahoosive TV we just got) I can see a work bench remodel (I have a router to make life easy) if not a completely new build. There is a gaming table and a coffee table that will be aimed at making board gaming and role playing in the living room easy again also in the offing.

Figure wise, this looks like it will be the year of dark age undead. I have a lot of plastic skeletons and zombies to paint. If I am liking the new X-Com then I can see me doing some of that. that said I have been playing a lot of Fallout 4 and most of what I seem to be thinking about at the moment is post apocalypse.

More Viking game stuff is likely to lead the way. I include in that some of the Frostgrave stuff I have gotten hold of, I suspect that I will be getting some more of that. there is a possibility that I will be getting a few games of Frostgrave in, the rules are not really lighting my fire, the figures are really nice and if anything else is on the horizon, I'll be getting that to.

I have done a few test pieces for making a load dungeon terrain. I have been fascinated by the idea for thirty years so it's about time that things get done. I suspect that this means there is going to be a lot of foam core getting picked up again. This should not be a long term project as I think I can get a fair amount done fairly quickly.

What do I really think is going to happen? I am pretty sure that I haven't figured that out yet. This coming year is going to be an interesting one with a lot competing for my time. I am already getting that good news, bad news vibe about it, bit I am hoping for the best.


  1. Happy New Year and whatever happens have some fun.

    1. It was fun but a nice quite one with the family.

  2. Hope you have a more productive 2016! Happy New Year dude!

    1. Things are already looking better but I doubt it's going to be a great year for painting r gaming sadly. Perhaps I need a new place to game.