Saturday, 10 January 2015

View From The Window - Not Really A Gaming Post

I have had an easy day. The house was empty and aside from a load of little jobs, I have only a little time to do some gaming stuff. By he time I had done everything I was to tired to paint anything so I sat down and took a look out the window. Oddly there was a pheasant on the fence staring at me.
A bit more interesting that the usual squirrels.


  1. Now that's some takeaway delivery service you have there! ;)

  2. Well last night we got in from a day out with the godchildren to find water leaking from a cupboard. So today has been sorting it out, but we'll need a plumber to come and do a permanent fix.

  3. That's a pretty large bird there!

    1. I'm from the Bronx, so nature stuffs like that just seems bonkers to me. We've got pigeons here, that's about it. But we've got hawks too, and you can often see them circling above the parks. I'm sure they make the pigeons and squirrels REALLY nervous.

  4. Interesting! I rarely see those in real life. And we keep being invaded by deers!