Monday, 9 February 2015


I was just playing about with an idea for a game again. I had some time to kill and a laptop sat in front of me. So it's back to the X-Com game again. This is my first draft of Skyranger. This will be part of the game set up and terrain for the game when I get it started. I am  not sure why I am only getting a bit of the image to show up on screen but I have done the whole top side of the vessel. I have just about scaled if for 28mm, I think. That should become clear when the next version comes out which should have an interior lay out.

The plan is to do a cutaway for moving around inside the Skyranger. This may be a bit old school, but I liked the original game more but I like the newer graphics better. The idea is that there will also be a cockpit interior and this model is just about right to allow six troops, two pilots and a ramp down to the ground. I plan to do two versions, one on a tarmac back ground and one on a green turf background just so I can have a bit of variety. I may even get a bit of use for this model if I ever get around to running the For All Mankind game again.

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