Friday, 27 October 2017

Post Zomtober - Zomtember / Govember?

Today in particular has not been a good day. A lot going on and nearly all of that has not been good. I'm dealing with the fallout from my mum and dad's death and it is really just bringing it all back. I have had to go looking for stuff today and that has brought back a lot of memories. All good but that does not really help.

On the brightside....

October in general has perhaps been my most productive figure painting month of the year so far. The New Cruelty is very happy. I want to keep this energy going. I am not sure that I can maintain the momentum if I stick with TWD minis although I am enjoying the process. In order to keep things going at a good pace I am calling it Govember (I thought I had made this idea up all on my own but apparently I am not the first). But what to do?

Whilst I have enjoyed painting The Walking Dead: All Out War stuff, I think it is time for a change. But to what. I had an idea for some police for the X-Com game. Screaming civilians would be useful for this game as well as All Out War. I am feeling the post-apocalypse vibe at the moment and I have some figures that I could happily do for that.

Looking around my workbench there has been some Blood Bowl stuff that keeps catching my attention. If I wa a completer finisher I should really be finishing off my human team. There is still some transfers and base dressing for the last batch of orcs I did. My plan for Christmas is to get some Blood Bowl stuff from Forgeworld. Whilst there isn't anything new, I am looking at some of the stuff that is already out there. I am not sure I want to spend a load of money on this if I haven't painted what I have and  I already have a few boxed sets to paint.

Then of course there is always the Viking game. Two of my FabLab projects relate to this. I wanted some defensive walls for the game for a specific scenario. This was going to be a season finale so I wanted to put some effort into in. I have also been working on the idea of doing some Viking ships, not just longships but knarrs and karves as well. If I can make that work I could also do some skyships. These are not a big part of the game but if had them, I am sure that I would find a way to make them part of the game.


  1. Condolences, ... Good to hear you have the hobby to support you and keep your head up.

    1. Cheers Wouter. I appreciate you dropping by.

  2. It sounds like you have some solid plans for the workbench Fred.
    I'm also hoping to find a way of "bottling" some of the motivation from Zomtober to carry forward. Keep your chin up buddy and keep blogging!

    1. Cheers mate.

      Go and have a look at my post The New Cruelty. This has been what has kept my mojo go, not just in painting but in everything else as well.

  3. Lots of diistractions. Yeah sometimes its hard to keep that motivation going I never understood how those who to the Annual painting challenge keep up the output for so long without burning out.

    I am being good purchase wise at the moment I want some more Walking Dead boosters but I am not allowing myself to buy any until I have tackled at least 75% of the Kickstarter contents.

    1. Having gotten hold of the kickstarter box late, I have a load of doubles that I have to decide what to do with. Sell them or paint them and sell them. That means that I have some money to justifiably spend.

      I aim to paint five figures per week. Maybe a few more if they have similar uniforms or styles. At that right, with just the stuff on my bench (not including the stuff I have no intention of painting), there is probably about two years worth of painting to do.

      Having a project to do generally increases my output. The year I started doing a dark age fantasy game I managed about ten figures per week. This is going to be my most productive month of the year so far with about forty figures done. So having a project really works. For me at least.

      I look at the Annual Painting Challenge with awe. Even with my unconventional career, there is no way I could find the time to keep up with that.