Saturday, 7 October 2017

Missing Time + Kodama

I am convinced I must have been kidnapped by aliens at some point today as I seem to have had an episode of missing time today. I definitely remember waking up. It wasn't much fun and I don't recall being too happy about it. Way, way too early for a Saturday. FabLab was fun and I enjoyed that bit everything after that is a bit of a blur. Ten hours later I am not really sure where the day went.

There was zombies involved in it somewhere along the way. The latest Resident Evil film I think. Which whilst it has a moderate budget, is about as bad as I should have expected.

The real high point of the day was the new Red Dwarf episode. Still good after all these years. I am way too tired to write anything about it now, but maybe next week.

Late on, I did manage to play a game of Kodama with the other half. This was the first time we have played it and it is a fun little game. In case you are wondering, Kodama are japanese forest spirits (I think). You have to build a tree by laying cards next to a main trunk and make it as attractive to the forest spirits as possible scoring points along the way. The aim of the game is to create sets of  symbols on the cards which may or may not meet the criteria for bonus points on the seasonal cards, available to all, and Kodama cards that the players get at the start of the game.

It is a pretty game to look at and there are plenty of cards, enough for a five player game with a degree of variety wide enough that you are never likely to have the same game twice. Whilst I don't think this game is going to change the world it is a fun game that would be easy to play in polite company and with kids.

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