Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Still Searching For A New Direction

I have had a bit of time today to spend on gaming. This is despite the dog going mental (trick or treaters and fireworks mainly to blame) and my other half being ill.
The usual chaos
The problem is not a mojo one but one of focus. I have done some priming, I've glued some stuff together and textured a load of bases. The idea at the moment is to get as much primed as I can before the weather gets much colder in order to prevent the risks posed by cold primer. Really it's just an excuse for not doing anything in particular.

When I get stuck I usually refer back to the annual plan. X-Com, Frostgrave, the Viking Game, Titansgrave and Blood Bowl were my main areas of interest at the beginning of the year. My off workbench work is leading me towards a post-apocalypse games.

Whilst I really liked the early Frostgrave stuff and I have invested heavily in it, I have painted as much as I am likely to for a while. It does have the advanatage that they double up with the stuff for the Viking game and who knows, maybe one day I will actually play a game of it. It is actually getting harder and harder to find fantasy stuff that I haven't got.

I like the idea of Titansgrave but this is a big project. Unlike a fantasy game, I don't have too many figures to start off with. I already have some Saurians done but need more. I have some unpainted orcs but need more. I have plenty of human figures that would do at a pinch but really I need more. To have a good range of character figures requires would require 50-100 figures. Double that to do what I need for NPCs and double that again to cover monsters and bad guys.

Fallout is always a possibility but to get where I want to be with that would be a big ask. It was easy in 15mm but the number of figure I would need to do this in 28mm, well it's large. Probably in the region of 200 figures plus monsters. Knowing the scope of what I did for 15mm, double this figure is probably where I would want to be. My Underground game would be a lot easier and I could probably get away with 100 figures as a good start.

A while back I wa all psyched up for doing a weird war two game. I have over 150 figures for this and they are gathering dust Similarly, I have a start, but only a start, for a super hero game. There is a enough lead here to make a start but it isn't really lighting my fire.

So when I get down to it, the real issue is about what am I actually playing. well the answer is nothing. Whilst I am not a complete shut-in, I don't get out much any more. I'm not gaming in any meaningful way at the moment and I guess this is the problem. There is just no reason to it.

Anyway, back to the prep work.

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