Monday, 30 October 2017

Where Did That Day Go?

I had a plan for today. I swear I did. Well I think I did. Maybe. Or did I?

My other half has been ill all day and seems to be getting worse. I think this is the second day of the hangover. Then I have ended up taking a family member to A+E. There is three hours I'll never get back. On top of this, the dog is going berserk because of the fireworks and that is going to mean another sleepless night for me (sixth in a row, damned dog).
I went through some figures looking for the next project and found my Skaven team. There are the equivalent of two boxed sets in the cupboard, I was going to get a few extra figures from Forgeworld (which I haven't done yet) and paint them up as a set. I only need a couple of blitzers and throwers and four gutter runners. The extra figure box has a thrower, blitzer and a couple of gutter runners so I already have too many figures. The main reason for two boxes is the extra linemen. I am really not sure why I dragged these out, it just seemed a good idea at the time.
Whilst I was looking for something to paint I found these ork figures. i was going to use them for Titansgrave which I still think I will get round to doing.When I finished them I couldn't find the bases so they ended up in storage. Maybe I will get back to these now.

I'm not sure what I am doing this week even now. These are going to get primed along with anything else I can find to do tomorrow. Even if all I do is prep and primed this week, the time won't be lost and I am still ahead of the five figures a week curve.Really what I should be doing is the dark elves that have been on the bench for months now.


  1. Nice looking minis in the Skaven team.

  2. They have a lot of animation but the tails are a bit fragile.