Thursday, 5 October 2017

Zombie Movie Night

My other half is out last night. This means that I get to watch something other that cut price Marvel TV shows (seriously I have watched Legion, Agent Carter, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and we are working through the second season of Daredevil prior to watch Defenders, two or three episodes almost every night for months and I only liked the first two).

So what am I choosing to watch? Well cut price zombie films (well all but one of them is fairly low budget), obviously.

Starting off with Cooties. This is a fairly standard zombie escape the building horror. The film is set in an elementary school (the American school system is a mystery to me). it's major difference is that if you have gone through puberty you are immune. Despite that, you can still end up as dinner. There is no help coming as the phones are out and school Head takes all phone off everyone. It's a nice twist on the survival horror type of zombie film with some great quirky characters (Rainn Wilson plays an outstanding steroidal PE teacher). I can see me turning this into a scenario for a zombie game.
 I went on to watch What We Become. This is a movie that takes itself a bit more seriously but then it's Danish (I am not saying the Danes have no sense of humour and I have met six of them :) (yes that was a joke)). It starts out with a flu epidemic and everyone in the house (and several others) are sealed in (it looks just like E.T.). It has some nice plot elements and is a very character driven drama. If you were planning a zombie game, this would not be the one to choose.
The ReZort is a bad movie. It has just about every zombie movie cliche going. This does not make it a bad movie in itself (zombie movies are all about the cliches). The movie takes place on an island full of zombies set aside for rich tourists to go on hunting holidays. I don't see this as a great idea for a zombie campaign but I guess you could squeeze a one shot game out of it.
Of all of them, The Girl With All The Gifts has probably been the star of the evening. The characters are all inside some sort of bunker with a load of children wo are trussed up and kept in high security cells with no readily apparent reason. As you start to piece things together things just get weirder. I can't say too much without spoiling the reveal but it has a good plot with a few twists in it to keep you on your toes. This has the potential for a great campaign and could be turned into something to keep players on their toes.
All in all, not a bad evening's entertainment.

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