Thursday, 12 October 2017

Lego - Not What It Used To Be

Today was the first time I have played with lego for a long while. I was trying to assemble a Lego robot, with the word trying being the most important. Lego has gotten complicated. I don't remember being able to plug into it and program it to do things. As well as the technical side, the build was pretty damn complicated. This was not helped by the fact that to find the bits for one robot I had to look in several boxes that contain the parts for ten robots.

When I got back home I spent a bit more time painting. For the most part everything has a base coat and much of it has been ink washed. Progress is slow but I am confident that I will get there by Sunday. I keep looking at the Blood Bowl stuff on the bench and then I think about getting some more of it. Again I haven't been too focussed but I am not beating myself up about it.

I am still feeling a little detached from my normal reality. Right here and now it doesn't feel so bad. In fact it feels okay. Right now I am putting this down to watch Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories on Netflix.  Hopefully it should be an easy day tomorrow and Saturday is looking pretty slack too. Maybe I can keep this relaxed mood up a little longer.

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