Friday, 7 September 2012

Game On?

I moved to Warrington last year, miles away from any gaming group that I know of. It's the town where my father was born and I know at least a little about. It's also a lot cheaper to live here than Manchester. On the downside I am finding it difficult to get a game. Having searched the web a few times I am still drawing up a blank. If I am feeling the urge to pick up a paintbrush I am feeling the urge to pick up some dice and a tape measure even more. I have even been feeling the urge to play a bit of Blood Bowl.

I have looked around and there is a role playing club
that isn't open to new members and doesn't answer
it's e-mails anyway. there is also a war games club
who i was about to e-mail when their web page
rolled over and got suspended. There is a club in Runcorn but firstly it's in Runcorn and secondly it seems like they only play GW stuff and other than Blood Bowl I am not really interested. I was thinking I should change the exclamation mark into the picture to a question mark and take my ball home. I was hoping that life would actually be getting a little easier.

If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.


  1. Even if you can get to the GW club, it would give you the chance to talk to other gamers and then you can drop the "I have a copy of THIS game that I would like to try" into the conversation. Alternatively, chat to the counter staff at any local model/hobby shop - they often know if there are non-GW gamers about who pop in for paints or brushes and who might be up for a game.

    Finally, check out the local libraries - if the library has books on wargaming or model making, chances are someone is reading them and a note left in the book or on the community notice board could be a way to get in touch with people.

    Hope this helps,

    - David

    1. Hi,

      Took your advice. Well tried to. Th Runcorn web page is down. The Warrington web page is down and no one is responding to any of the email I have. I though the nearest wargaming shop was Altrincham but they are very manchester based. I went looking and found a place that had closed down appears to have reopened so I thought I might give them a whirl.