Saturday, 8 September 2012

More Painting Time - Rebel Minis Armed Cabras

Another post so quickly?

I am not sure why I purchased these figures. I think it's just because I wanted some. I can see a use in a horror game. There is a kind of Lovecraft vibe to them. I think I am hedging against the day that I will start a fantasy collection to go with the modern and Sci-Fi stuff. i could see a post apocalypse race arriving if I could get someone to play in the game.
This is a group of eight figures (still need basing properly...sigh). The paint job was a quick one GW shadow grey topped off with some asurmen blue wash and a little highlighting. The blue was a bit of an experiment. It seemed to work on the police so I thought it was worth a try.

A few close ups of the figures. They are difficult to not like. They have a certain gargoyle quality (got some of them to paint too). The cabras are not quite those of the Mexican legend but make nice monsters.