Monday, 17 September 2012

Zombie Horde Marches On

Well I have been busy painting. To the left is a close up picture of one of them. After day one it was clear that zombies need a lot of colour so a lot of changing of paint and washes brushes makes for a slow process so after five hours I had just about managed to get most of the basic coverage done. I still needed to go back and finish off accessories, hair and shoes before moving onto the next stage of the process. It was hard work but I guess the bulk of the work was done. This involved a little fine detail work like marking out the M on the restaurant staff and even the strings on bikinis. Still I feel like I have broken the back of the seventy zombies that I have to paint Just the detailing left.

Detailing can be a pain in the backside but with dozens of different colours I was expecting day two to be really hard work. I had originally set out to do about twenty five minis. As I started painting on day one with twenty five figures. I soon decided that I would do the zombie cheerleaders, firemen and restaurant staff in appropriate team colours so this ended up with fifty figures. I normally plan to pain about twenty figures in a batch so this seemed like a lot to do.
This is the more or less finished product. I am sure I will keep detailing them as I always do. There are about another dozen of them but I couldn't get a decent piccture of all of them. Spray them with varnish put them on washers and do some detailing on the base. Then another thirty and then another hundred or so and I should be done with zombies.
Well I guess that this batch is done now. I re-read some of Ambush Z last night and feel the urge to do a game of that. Think I might move on to something else. I wouldn't want to get bored.


  1. I really like them! Especially the fireman.

    To get variety in colours, I paint my zeds 3-4 at a time and try to use as few different colours on a batch as possible. Once mixed with the rest, it doesn't stand out so obvious :)

  2. Glad you like them.. Batches for 15mm are a bit bigger than for 28mm. I can't imagine doing a box of thirty 28mm zombies. think I might nip off for a drink before even thinking about that.

  3. No doubt this is more AHs thing than mine. Nice paint job tho.