Sunday, 16 September 2012

Zombies Are Coming


Some of the zombie lovers out there will known that The Walking Dead is about to come back for a third series. (There is a frisson on excitement in the Jackson household. Anticipation is a wonderful thing.) I have been playing all sorts of online zombie games just to get me in the mood.

The plan is to paint the zombies in a Romero-esque kind of way. It was dawn and day of the dead (the original ones that is, the remake of dawn was okay but I have no idea what they were thinking when they decided on the script for the remake of day of the dead.) so that means pale green, powder blue and the odd pale flesh coloured one.

I spent most of yesterday painting some modern US police (US is an interesting acronym in the army). This included a couple of zombie police officers. I wanted the uniforms to be fairly close to it made sense to paint them at the same time. The models are not quite the same but are close enough that no one but me will notice the difference.
These were some I started painting a while back. Still a long way from finished. these are zombie dogs and zombie ragers again from Rebel. I fancied having some mobs of dogs. I think this is down to the original resident evil game. Someone out there still needs to do some doberman zombie dogs. To add to what I have I'll buy some Peter Pig dogs which should give me twenty.
This is the first half of the main batch. I kind of cheated and got the The Modern Zombie Horde HOTT Army. This gave me more than fifty zombies six more zombie dogs and a necromancer which I liked the look of but was the only figure in the pack I liked.
They have another zombie pack which has some soldiers and some crawlers as well as brides and clowns (What is it with Americans and clowns? I remember Charlie Caroli as a kid and was quite funny and I remember being gutted when he died. I saw him in Warrington when I was a kid. Damn it America clowns are funny not sinister. Rant off). I am not sure I need to many clowns or brides but the others should be okay. I'll probably get another pack of ragers. Then it will me moving on to Khurasan for their zombies and survivors which are not based on The Walking Dead at all. I'd like a few special types. I have some 28mm zombies which would work as tanks. I have a few mutant zombie from tengu and was thinking that maybe some of the Only The Dead Are Left minis from Studio Miniatures would also make an impact on the table.

I spoke to one of my mates who is into zombie games. He might yet talk me back into 28mm and maybe then I could be accepted into the regular zombie blogging fold.

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