Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Colonial Marines

I got some of the not colonial marines from Khurasan a while back. Who can resist them. I like the movies a lot so it's hardly a surprise.

I haven't got all the figures I need yet and I haven't made up my mind about a paint job. This was an attempt. I am not sure if I like it but I will see if it grows on me. What do you think. It's a similar technique to the US infantry but different colour scheme. I don't want to use the scheme from the films because it will clash with my terrain. I want something a bit sandier and I am not sure this goes far enough but then I am not sure about MRT or multicam for desert either. This is very much a work in progress and a long way from finished.
I looked at the colonial marine manual for the TOE they use in there but the Platoons are really small so I would need two of them. Additionally they have not integral support. This would be fine  if I was planning to fight only aliens.

So I had another look at the book and thought...nah. So what then? Well I'll start with the basic building block the squad which is oddly identical to the standard American squad. So I guess that it would probably be similar to the standard US with some updates for the sake of the future.  I thought that the basic platoon was a good place to start. In addition to the standard nine man squad there is a driver. There is a pilot and a co pilot but i doubt that they would see the table top. so what else to add? Well there is an officer and a android in the TOE. I guess that there would be a sergeant and a medic. There would also probably be a radio operator and a forward air controller as well. I thought that there should be an additional squad in line with current operational dogma. it follows that there would be some sort of weapons squad. So looking at what minis were there there are a couple of rocket launcher, two plasma gunners and a sniper in one pack, the other pack has a couple of smart gunners as well as medics and a casualty.

so assuming there is another nine man squad that means four two man team, two four man teams, maybe some three man teams. I thought that you could add a sniper and a spotter as one pair, two teams of three men with plasma guns and rifles plus a sergeant. but what to do with the missile launchers and extra smart gunners. Clearly you need another weapon company

I went to a fancy dress party over the weekend. Kicking and screaming as I recall. This is me getting ready to be Robert Smith from The Cure. I will have to make my mind up about posting some pics of the finished article.

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