Thursday, 26 September 2013

RIP Richard Matheson And Donald Featherstone

I get back into blogging and suddenly I find that even more of my heroes and passing away. I suppose it should be a sign that I should seize the day.
Donald Featherstone died at the beginning of the month. The name may not mean a lot to none British gamers but he has been described as the grand daddy of British wargaming. I own a couple of his books and have done since I was a teenager. These were not books that would change your life but the did change wargaming. They were the point that modern wargaming really started. Most of the tabletop stuff we do today can trace it's origin back to Don Featherstone.

The writer Richard Matheson also  died recently. I seem to have done a few too many obituaries for my writing heroes in the last year or so. He is perhaps not  the most famous horror, fantasy or sci-fi author of all time but his work really does stand out particular was "I am Legend." I am guessing that if yu are reading this blog then you have probably heard of that. It's one of the best pieces of post apoclyptic writing. Good enough for it to be made into a film three times including the Omega Man. Many of his books have been turned into films, I am not sure of how much of a tribute this is but it says something about the reach of his work

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Busy Times But Some Work In Progress

Where does the time go? With summer holidays, illnesses and work time has just shot by. At the moment I am trapped in home work hell. this is a mixture of trying to do some coursework for myself and proving that I am smarter than a twelve year old (which apparently I am but it has left me with something of a headache). I've found a little painting time but not as much. I have been largely distracted by the real world. It looks like I may be moving soon. It's looking like I will be in North Wales in a few months. I know I don't have a good word to say about welsh fish and chip shops but the place is pretty nice and may even be zombie proof.

First a big plug. I have been playing board games with a guy with an online shop called Monkeys With Fire. He is a decent bloke and offers good deals on  board games, comics and memorabilia. His site is well worth a look.
I haven't had much time to work recently and less to work on the blog. Even so It's been a few months since I posted anything so I thought I had better do something even if it is a fairly short post with no pictures today.

There has been some work done on the Victory Force stuff that arrived the other week but at least it is some where to getting them done. I still have some work to do on the Crooked Dice stuff but I guess this is my latest temporary obsession.

I've also started a 28mm Viking project and been doing some role playing stuff. The plan is to run a game that is vaguely based on Skyrim sometime in the new year. I have some vaguely Norse fantasy stuff to go with it as well. Instead of painting I seemed to have spent a huge amount of time on Ebay buying up stuff as cheaply as I can find.

I will be doing some more fallout stuff in 15mm as the game is coming around again.

There is also a plan to buy some stuff from MinintureMOJO. This is going to be more post apocalypse stuff. I fancy the figures but not sure I want them for a winter apocalypse. I fancy something more like the Summerland RPG. I really like the MiniatureMOJO figures and he seems to be supporting the game. There will even be zombies.

Thanks for reading.