Tuesday, 22 January 2013

GMing again

Just a quick one today. For the first time in about two years I ran an RPG game last night. I was a little bit nervous as I used to play with a hyper critical group. Still enough of that. The game was roughly based on the Fallout computer game. This seems to have proven to be a popular choice. I mean who doesn't like fallout right? It even ended up over subscribed. I have been painting up some figures for the game, mainly robots from The Scene and raiders a company I am not talking about at the momnet because they are naffing me off.

Most people use 28mm figures for roleplaying and in principle I am one of them. That said when I turn up with four times more 15mm figures than other GMs and practically an appropriate figure for every occasion, people seem to show some grudging approval. They also seemed to like the pre drawn vault map which kind of directed them where they could go and give them some ideas about what to do, with a little explination of what every area could do.

Sunday, 20 January 2013


I wanted some more ruins on the basis that you can never have enough (post apocalyptic) terrain. There will be more I'm sure. Whilst playing Fallout, I was always frustrated by the fact that there were some buildings that you could not get into I thought I would share the frustration on the table top. Well it seemed like a good idea when I started putting them together. The first of the three has a little bit of excuse to use for ladders for roof to roof access.

The next building is more typical of what I have done in the past and looks like what I would call a more conventional ruin. This time there is a paved area and some walls ton the side and a path along the front. It struck me whilst I was doing it that there was never enough rubble so I decided to put some more in than I had in the past. There is still far from enough but I thought it looked a bit better.

I have been after some bigger buildings for a while. If I ever get round to buying some more mechs, I want to have something for them to hide behind. I haven't done a lot of work on this because I think I have made the base too high. I'll sit and watch it and see if I like it. Chances are I am going to lop some         off the bottom.

I also found this water lurker for Hoards of the Things that was hiding on the desk. I wanted to be able to cover all the troop types for the game and this is one of the gaps. A good friend of mine gave me some odds and sods ages ago so I am not sure where it came from but as far as I can figure out it's an oldish GW mini from the original Dreadfleet. I played a bit of a fantasy wargaming using the very old Tercio rules recently. I really enjoyed the game but could not help think that games have moved on a lot since the seventies as far as games go.