Tuesday, 22 January 2013

GMing again

Just a quick one today. For the first time in about two years I ran an RPG game last night. I was a little bit nervous as I used to play with a hyper critical group. Still enough of that. The game was roughly based on the Fallout computer game. This seems to have proven to be a popular choice. I mean who doesn't like fallout right? It even ended up over subscribed. I have been painting up some figures for the game, mainly robots from The Scene and raiders a company I am not talking about at the momnet because they are naffing me off.

Most people use 28mm figures for roleplaying and in principle I am one of them. That said when I turn up with four times more 15mm figures than other GMs and practically an appropriate figure for every occasion, people seem to show some grudging approval. They also seemed to like the pre drawn vault map which kind of directed them where they could go and give them some ideas about what to do, with a little explination of what every area could do.


  1. Congratulations on getting back into running games. I've just had the pleasure of running some Classic Traveller for my old gaming cronies and have run more games in the last month than in the last five years!

    1. Cheers. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Running games keeps me motivated and so perhaps I will be posting more over the next few days. I love Traveller and think that might be the next game I'll be running.