Sunday, 10 January 2016

Im A Painter Not A Hoarder....Honest

No really, I am a figure painter. Maybe I have moved on from 15mm to heroic 28mm but I am still a painter. I decided to do some painting earlier on. Some day to day stuff got in the way, whinging pets and hungry kids. But now thanks to the miracles of Fifa 16, Spongebob and kibble, I have some peace.
Then I decided that the bench was too messy to paint so I decided to tidy it up a bit. There was just too much stuff on the bench. Soo much I couldn't see it and I have managed to fill a small bin. Then I decided to take it a step further, spring cleaning for the desk.
I remember watching a comedian called Kelly Monteith back in the eighties "suffering" from writers block. He spent the day sharpening pencils instead of working. I already possess enough sharpened pencils but clearly I don't have enough brushes.
Pontificating Painter
Most of these are far beyond use between various kids and me, I have killed a lot of brushes. There are only so many dry brushes I need so I think a few are destined for the big paint brush heaven in the sky (I mean garage) where I usually keep dead brushes.
You see, I am a painter. I must be, look how many brushes I have and these are just the ones on the desk.
This almost looks like a work of modern art. I think I''ll call it "pontificating painter."


  1. A masterpiece Sir! I reached for a new brush the other day and then caught myself putting the old, totally useless one in a box - why? I have absolutely no idea, but I'm building quite a collection of 'dead' brushes!

    1. People just don't want to be throwing them away. It's a bit like dice.

  2. Good to hear I find grabbing some of those half finished minis that have been lingering for to long can sometimes spur you on to paint especially as it allows you to finish them quicker.

    1. I refer to the stuff at the back of the desk as background projects. The stuff I do when I can't be bothered to paint what I am painting or its to wet to paint.